GFRIEND Addresses Disbandment And Thanks Fans In Handwritten Letters

GFRIEND has officially confirmed their disbandment through heartfelt letters written for their fans.

On May 18, GFRIEND was confirmed to be parting ways with their agency Source Music after all of the members decided not to renew their contracts. On May 19, all six members took to Weverse to upload individual handwritten letters about their disbandment and their careers thus far.


Hello, BUDDY [GFRIEND’s official fandom], this is Sowon.

Debuting in January 2015 felt like a dream, and meeting BUDDY was such a great blessing in my life. I think I received more love than I deserved, to the point where I wondered whether it was all right for me to receive this much love. To be honest, I’m not someone with high self-esteem, so there were definitely some difficult moments. However, I think that even those moments, on top of everything else, became opportunities for me to grow, thanks to you all. I’ve said that I would always make you feel happy and proud as fans. I don’t know if that went well or if I did well, but every day that I spent with you all was precious and a time for which I am thankful. I feel a great deal of regret and disappointment about not having been able to meet you more often or do more for you, but in the future, I’ll try to fill that with more things as a new start, rather than a finish.

Although GFRIEND has officially ended, this is not the end for us, so don’t have too hard of a time, BUDDY. It’s difficult to convey all our time together through this letter, but like always, I believe that you’ll know how I feel better than anyone else, even if I don’t say it. Even though I’m slightly worried about going on a path I haven’t been on before, I will work hard to move forward while thinking of BUDDY, who are always supporting me.

To BUDDY, who must have been so shocked by the sudden news, I’m sorry and I love you. I’ll make up for it with good things.


Hello, this is GFRIEND’s Yerin.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a handwritten letter, and my heart feels heavy that it’s about this.

I’ve decided to part ways with Source Music, where I’ve been since I was 18 years old until I was 26. From debuting at 20 years old to becoming who I am today, I think this was all possible because I had by my side my dependable members, who are like my family; BUDDY, who have given me so much love to the point of making me wonder if I can receive this much; and the Source Music family, who worked harder than anybody.

Throughout these six years, I’ve gone through dream-like experiences that used to make me wonder, ‘Could this happen in real life?’ and I always received so much love that I wasn’t sure I deserved. With that love, I think I worked hard not to become a bother by looking after myself and repaying [what I received] with good performances. I’m positive that these moments that won’t return will forever be unforgettable to me. Thank you for surrounding me with so much love, no matter what happened. I think I was able to get to this point without becoming exhausted because I had BUDDY.

In the future, I will not forget these memories and live while working hard. Thank you for giving me such cool memories in my twenties. I loved you and will continue to love you lots.

Thank you once again to my fellow GFRIEND members, BUDDY, and our Source Music family.


Hello, this is GFRIEND’s Eunha.

My heart aches because I think that we’ve given our fans sadness, when you were likely looking forward to us more than ever. I’ve always worried only about ‘What pretty words will make our BUDDY happy?’ but now I wonder what words can provide you comfort, and writing each and every letter makes my heart heavy…

I think it’s such a blessing that I will always be able to remember and find our fans’ support and cheers, which gave me so much strength. Although I was lacking, you gave me so much undeserved love, and because you always believed in me, I wanted to become a better person. From our debut, throughout all our promotions, fan meetings, concerts, and every moment in between, I always wondered, ‘Am I someone who deserves to receive this much love? Can I be this happy? I’m not as incredible of a person that BUDDY think I am, so is it okay for me to enjoy this gift-like time?’ Because all these moments were only possible because you gave us your support. I was so thankful that I could sing such great songs, and I was so happy that we were able to shine thanks to you who recognized us.

To me, this was the happiest and most beautiful six years. That truth will never change. To BUDDY whom I will love forever, I hope your futures are only filled with good things. I sincerely hope your daily lives are filled with more laughter than tears. I thank you so much for being BUDDY that was so reassuring and dependable for GFRIEND. BUDDY must always be healthy and happy. I’ll sincerely pray for you.

Regardless of where or how, I plan on working towards being able to keep singing. I will do my best to repay the fond memories I have with you all.

This has been GFRIEND. Thank you, and I love you, our BUDDY.


Hello, this is GFRIEND’s Yuju.

I’ve often expressed my thoughts in writing before, but I think this is the first time I’m writing a letter that encompasses so many thoughts and memories.

I worry whether you were all really shocked, and my heart feels heavy as I imagine it. Every day that I spent as GFRIEND was extremely precious, thanks to you all. I also wanted to gift you days like that, so I spent a very valuable six years trying to better myself. To everyone who cried and laughed together with us throughout that journey, I want to sincerely thank you once again.

Since you gifted us such a big, immeasurable part of your hearts, I had a lot of thoughts while recently looking back on our memories. This time was that much more beautiful because I was with my fellow members, and it was an honor to be able to sing and dance in front of our fans who cheered us on. Thank you for loving GFRIEND up until now.

To my BUDDY who is the most precious in the whole world, I will never forget your facial expressions, gazes, and voices when we got up on stage, and I’ll keep them in the warmest place of my heart. Thank you for protecting me, who wasn’t very tough, so that I wouldn’t break easily. To make sure this ending doesn’t end in sadness, I will continue to show myself moving forward in the future

Once again, I love you, thank you, and thank you. This has been GFRIEND.


Hello, this is GFRIEND’s SinB.

My heart feels heavy relaying such sudden news to BUDDY in my first letter in a while. I thought for a long time about how to tell you and was very careful about bringing it up…

For the past six years that I’ve spent promoting as GFRIEND’s SinB, BUDDY has been our reliable support and driving force. Thanks to you, I was so happy to receive enough love and support to make me feel like it was undeserved, and I was so thankful to be able to perform such good songs.

Every time I saw all of your letters, cheers, and warm gazes, I was able to grow and improve. I was so happy in every moment, and I think I was able to complete our past promotions well because we had our fans, who had become the people I wanted to share good news with first. I am so sad, apologetic, and regretful that I can’t keep my promise to see you for a long time under the name GFRIEND, but I know the weight of those words well, and I will work hard to not take it lightly.

I won’t ever forget our promotions or our fans’ love, and I’ll cherish my feelings of gratitude as we slowly repay it through our individual activities. All my memories from the past six years were the happiest times that cannot be replaced with anything else.

I’m thankful to Source Music, who made my lacking self into GFRIEND.

To my fellow GFRIEND members and our BUDDY, who gifted me this dream-like time, thank you so much, I’m sorry, and I love you. Thank you so much for reading this long letter, and please stay healthy until the day we meet next.


Hello, this is GFRIEND’s Umji.

With feelings of gratitude and regret, I’ve said goodbye to many things that had become a part of my everyday life for the past six years, and moving forward, my members and I will now be spending our time a bit differently.

I started out in quite a lacking and unknowing state, but the time up until now has been a precious learning experience that made me realize so much. I want to sincerely thank you for applauding and being happy for me during the growth process of my lacking self. When we first debuted, there were times when I felt like I was running in circles with no direction or purpose. But looking back, I was able to feel just how impressive and meaningful of a path I had been walking. This helped me better appreciate and enjoy all the situations I experienced while working.

The biggest reason I felt this way was our fans BUDDY, whom I love so, so much! To be honest, no matter how resolutely I try to write this, when I think of BUDDY who work to suppress their upset feelings in order to wish us happiness and give us support, my heart aches so much. No matter how much I try to measure or imagine those feelings, I don’t think I’m able to feel the entirety of what you feel, so I feel extremely apologetic. For our BUDDY who are hurting and unprepared for this farewell, I really hope that my wish to hug you reaches you at least a little bit. I was thankful for you in the past, I’m thankful now, and I’ll continue to be thankful in the future.

Everything feels the same to me now, but I do slightly fear the unfamiliar times ahead that I’ll slowly have to get used to. However, for everyone who will be watching over me, I will try to move forward bravely and coolly.

Lastly, to the Source Music employees and the many staff members who worked tirelessly for GFRIEND over the past six years! Thank you very much for all our precious relationships, both short and long.

And more than anything, my precious GFRIEND members who have experienced so many different things together, both seen and unseen. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to experience all of this. With all my heart, thank you so much, and I love you.

To our BUDDY, once again, I miss you so much, and I love you. I will sincerely hope and pray that all of you are happy and free in the future. Thank you.

According to Source Music’s official statement from May 18, GFRIEND’s exclusive contract with the agency ends on May 22.

GFRIEND made their debut in 2015 with “Season of Glass” and has released numerous hits over the past six years, including “Me Gustas Tu,” “Rough,” “Navillera,” “Time for the Moon Night,” and more. In July 2019, Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment (currently HYBE). GFRIEND’s latest comeback was in November 2020 with their third full-length album “回:Walpurgis Night” and its title track “MAGO.”

We wish the GFRIEND members all the best in their future endeavors!

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