8 Reasons To Be Very Excited About OMEGA X’s Debut

OMEGA X is a brand new multi-membered group that’s set to debut on June 30 at 6 p.m. KST. They are very much worth getting excited about, as this group has 11 members that are eager to show their talent and meet their fans. When you get to know them and see their individual charms and dynamics as a whole group, you are guaranteed to fall in love. If you need more of a reason to anticipate the debut of this lovable group, here are eight reasons.

Note: We were able to get direct quotes from the members themselves!

1. They are members from disbanded or inactive groups

Yechan: “All of us members have worked in groups before so we’re ready to show off our skills and know-hows to the fullest.”

All 11 members have previously debuted in the industry. Some of the inactive/disbanded groups include Seven O’Clock, SNUPER, 1THE9, ENOi, Spectrum, 1TEAM, LIMITLESS, and GIDONGDAE. Eight out of the 11 members were also part of various survival shows which include Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” KBS 2TV’s “The Unit,” JTBC’s “MIXNINE,” and MBC’s “Under 19.” The group is viewed to be like the “avenger class” boy group. The fact that these members have all debuted before and are given another shot at achieving their dreams is the sweetest thing. How can we not root for their success?!

2. They LOVE interacting with their fans

Hyuk: “Since we’re unable to actually meet with the fans, we do our best to actively engage with them on social media. We’d love to meet them, perform on stage, and communicate face-to-face soon.”

OMEGA X has been as active as they can be with their fans on Twitter. They are so excited to meet their fans that they try to respond and read their messages often. With their debut in the horizon, they will soon be able to meet their fans in person, which they are very much looking forward to!

3. They already have a lot of followers

Jaehan: “Thanks to your interest even before our debut, OMEGA X has been able to create and meet with you guys with more content, which again so graciously initiated fan support before debut.”

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Considering the group hasn’t even debuted yet, their social media accounts are already raking in quite the number of followers! They are very active across all social media platforms, and you can follow their accounts here: OMEGA X Official Twitter, Member Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, V Live. The fact that their fanbase is growing only shows how lovable the group and members are! Also, how cool is it that they’re so interactive with their fans?

4. They currently have their own reality show

As all of the members have previously debuted, they’ll be able to introduce themselves in a new light through Spire Entertainment’s reality show “Loading – One More Chan X.” If you want a more personal look at all of the members, this show does a good job of showcasing all their individual charms. Seeing how funny and down to earth they are and how hard they work to debut is so touching. Viewers and fans are able to develop a strong connection with them as their debut date approaches.

Watch the first episode of their show here:

5. Their group name is everything

Hwichan: “The group name OMEGA X can mean a high-caliber group (끝판왕). We’re determined to show a performance worthy of the group name, especially when we practice.”

In the Greek alphabet, Omega means the end and X means the unknown. The combined meaning of the group name is that they are set to explore the last unknown with their fans. This unknown part of their journey can result in infinite possibilities. Their full name also symbolizes constant change and growth, hinting towards their worldview. The infinite possibilities of this group is very hopeful and it makes us want to get behind them to help them explore this unknown. Their group name has so much meaning and depth!

6. They are appointed as Jeju ambassadors

Yechan: “We were appointed as honorary tourism ambassadors for Jeju Island even before debut. I hope that we help get the word out about Jeju’s beautiful scenery, entertainment, and food to more people!”

OMEGA X was recently appointed as the honorary ambassador of Jeju Island from the Jeju Tourism Association. They will be raising awareness about Jeju Island and its natural beauty, attractions, and heritage sites. The fact that they were able to earn this position before debuting is a very big deal and a huge testament to the potential that this group has to become successful and take the nation by storm!

7. The title track “Vamos” features a powerful beat and choreography

Junghoon: “The song is very intense and has a lot of hip hop elements. The choreography is likewise very hip hop, trendy, and has many sections that stand out. We can’t wait to show you our stage performance!”

All the members and fans who have been anticipating this debut are excited that their debut date has finally dropped. We are all very much looking forward to their title song! You can already tell from this brief clip that they’re experienced and so in sync!

Check out their debut teaser below:

8. The members have various special talents

To highlight some of the special talents that a few of the members have, Taedong, who was part of GIDONGDAE and the audition program “Produce 101,” is an amazing dancer. You can watch this clip of him showcasing his heart-stopping skills when he was on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

Yechan was previously a member of the group 1THE9 and was also a contestant on the show “Under 19.” He is known to have amazing singing chops. Here is a clip of him blowing away the judges, making them all emotional while he sings Jonghyun’s “End Of A Day.” Make sure you grab some tissues!

Lastly, Hyuk, who was formerly called Gun in the group ENOi, plays the guitar very well. Watch him effortless display his very cool talent on “Idol Radio.” He is SO talented and adorable!

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