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On May 31, Lee Je Hoon held a series of interviews upon the end of his drama “Taxi Driver.”

In an interview with Sports Chosun, Lee Je Hoon said, “We finished filming two weeks ago and now the drama has finished airing. We’ve been filming for a long time, so there are a lot of regrets now that it’s over. Instead of feeling relieved to bid Kim Do Gi and ‘Taxi Driver’ goodbye, I want to spend more time with the Rainbow Taxi crew, so I hope that we can meet again sometime soon.”

He continued, “At the end of the last episode, CEO Jang wrote something on the blackboard. There have been shocking cases in real life such as a child being violently abused and abandoned, or the YoungNam Flour Mills case a few years ago. Those cases were put to trial, but whether they were properly resolved is a different question. It would be good if we were to think again about those kinds of things, so I think it would be meaningful if ‘Taxi Driver’ were to reinterpret cases that were unresolved in the past. A 16-episode miniseries was too short to contain all the stories that we could have told.”

Although the ending of “Taxi Driver” left the potential for a second season up in the air, Lee Je Hoon said, “I think the current ending was ideal. To be honest, it’s true that revenge breeds more revenge, so the Rainbow Taxi crew had to think hard about what to do and how to resolve it. But now they’re back with prosecutor Kang Ha Na. In this season, there was a lot of opinions about the right and wrong of putting criminals in private prisons. I think that future stories could move to how Rainbow Taxi can help resolve situations in the name of justice and with the authorities’ assistance.”

He went on, “I think that it was cool that the last episode left viewers more excited about the future of Rainbow Taxi. When I finished filming, I wanted to keep playing the character. There are lots of non-fiction TV programs about unresolved cases and real-life situations, but I think that people are also more interested and open to seeing these portrayed in the fictional world of dramas. Instead of just being entertained by what’s on the screen, I think that we should use these stories to communicate with and relate to each other, and live more meaningful lives.”

In “Taxi Driver,” Lee Je Hoon’s character took on multiple disguises in order to take revenge on behalf of the clients who called on Rainbow Taxi. In a Newsen interview, he picked Mr. Wang as his favorite and said, “He had a strong visual presence. I’ve often thought I wanted to play a character like him. Of course, I can’t predict what kind of role I’ll play in the future, but I’ve been preparing for a role like that for a while. Even though it was only for a short time, I had a lot of fun with the appearance, the actions, and the speech. I had to learn the Yanbian dialect in a short amount of time, so I’m grateful to my dialect coach, who helped me a lot on set.”

Asked if there were any other alter egos he’d like to play, he named Park Jung Min‘s transgender character in ‘Deliver Us from Evil.”

In a Star News interview, Lee Je Hoon shared praise for Pyo Ye Jin, who was brought in late to the show after APRIL’s Naeun stepped down. “She had to do a lot of filming in a short amount of time, but she kept up a positive attitude,” he said. “It didn’t affect my acting much to have to do reshoots. I was aware even before we started that we might have to make some changes later. But Pyo Ye Jin checked everything beforehand. She had already reviewed what kind of acting her co-stars were bringing to each scene. So we didn’t have to change much while reshooting with her.”

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