MONSTA X Shares What They Want To Achieve With Latest Album, What Shownu Has Been Up To, And More

MONSTA X has made their return with their ninth mini album “One of a Kind”!

On June 1 at 6 p.m. KST, MONSTA X dropped title track “GAMBLER” along with the rest of their ninth mini album. “GAMBLER” is the first-ever MONSTA X title track produced by member Joohoney.

This album comes seven months after the release of their third full-length album “Fatal Love.” Minhyuk commented, “I really want to tell my MONSTA X members that they worked hard. As we worked so hard, we want to receive good feedback because we are people who gain the most strength from our fans’ support. Please support and watch over these promotions as well.”

I.M added, “Although we say we were on hiatus for seven months, we have greeted you through individual promotions in our own fields. I promoted solo for the first time in February when I released ‘DUALITY‘ but having to do everything on my own made me miss my members a lot. I’m excited for MONSTA X promotions.”

When asked to describe their new album, Joohoney responded, “It’s an album that showcases 100 percent of MONSTA X’s unique purity. Just like the aspiration you can feel through our album title ‘One of a Kind,’ we expressed our own colorful styles through each track and I think we paid a lot of attention to the visual aspects of our performance.”

He continued, “My members also adopted the ‘GAMBLER’ concept really well. Although I do cherish it a bit more because it’s a song I wrote, there are a lot of points to it aside from the music. I think that there will be a lot of fun in discovering each and every one of those.”

The group also discussed what Shownu has been up to, as he is sitting out of these upcoming promotions due to health issues. Joohoney shared, “We began preparing for this album early so we already had everything organized. Thankfully, we were able to complete filming with Shownu without any problems but Shownu is also really disappointed that he can’t promote with us. However, the doctors said he was doing much better so he was able to join our sixth anniversary V Live. He’s now resting well, monitoring us, and continuously sending his support.”

After celebrating their sixth anniversary on May 14, MONSTA X commented on their changed perspectives and how they’d like to greet their fans moving forward. Kihyun commented, “These days, I think a lot about whether I would’ve been able to make it to this point if it weren’t for my members. To simply say ‘Thank you’ to my members and fans for being with me for the past six years does not cover everything. In the future, I want to become a group that isn’t embarrassing for Monbebe [MONSTA X’s official fan club] in any aspect.”

Hyungwon shared, “To say that we’re now in our seventh year is a little more awkward than you’d think. On one hand, I wonder how it’s already been seven years, but I also think about how so many things have happened for us to get here today. In the future, within all the many memories that we’ll create, I hope to be there with our fans. Please look forward to MONSTA X who will continue to grow in the future.”

When asked what kind of feedback they want to hear for “One of a Kind” and what goals they want to achieve this year, Kihyun replied, “A completed MONSTA X. Whether it’s music, performance, or any aspect, I want to hear that we’re a completed group. Although we’ve been on stage with a bunch of different concepts up until now, I believe that the image we present through ‘GAMBLER’ will make you feel a freshness that is different from typical MONSTA X. After successfully wrapping up promotions for ‘One of a Kind,’ if the circumstances allow for it, one of my goals is to consistently be able to meet with our fans.”

I.M answered, “Through ‘One of a Kind,’ I want to exemplify that MONSTA X is a group with no limit. Rather than a group that can be expressed as one specific color, I think it’s really difficult thing to adopt many different colors as well as our own individual styles and then match well as a group. I also want to achieve this difficult feat with my members. This is something us members always talk about, but in addition to promoting actively, our most important goal for 2021 is to finish healthy, with not one person being hurt.”

Lastly, the group sent loving messages to their fans. Minhyuk remarked, “Just as much as you waited, we will greet you will our best image on stage. Please look forward to this album as we prepared really hard for it and the performance is incredibly powerful so the image Monbebe like will probably appear in front of your eyes. Thank you for always supporting us from the same place. Please be with us for these promotions too. I love you.”

Hyungwon added, “For these promotions as well, we will try to make it so that seeing us can make Monbebe smile and be happy. We are always gaining the strength to promote through the love and support Monbebe send so there’s nothing more that I can ask for other than Monbebe healing through MONSTA X.”

Joohoney commented, “Since it’s the first time we’re promoting with a title track that has my name on it, I believe that these promotions are not only special to me, but also to Monbebe. The scaffold through which I was able to grow like this is all thanks to Monbebe. I produced this thinking of what image Monbebe would like so I hope you like it.”

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