K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Amazing Choreographers

Being a K-pop idol is a full-time job in and of itself, but many idols go above and beyond by contributing not only their talents but also their choreography ideas to performances. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are some of the idols that help make their stages shine with their amazing choreography.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit

Every member of SEVENTEEN has been a part of the production process at some point, and the performance unit is no exception. Performance unit leader Hoshi has been known to add and make adjustments for pretty much every choreography the group performs, and the other three members Jun, The8, and Dino have choreographed for the group as well as their own amazing solo projects.

2. Chungha

Arguably one of the best stages from “Produce 101,” this cover of “Bang Bang” remains legendary for a reason. The amazing vocals and clean rap are definitely part of it, but I.O.I-member-turned-soloist Chungha’s powerful choreography is the star of the show here (the stage isn’t called “The Dance Avengers!” for nothing.) She also continues to contribute choreography to her solo performances.

3. Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix

Stray Kids’ main dancer Lee Know has contributed to the choreography on a bunch of the group’s title tracks, but arguably his most important work is the group’s pre-debut single “Hellevator.” He has also choreographed for his own “SKZ-PLAYER.” Fellow main dancer Hyunjin also rocked STAY’s world with his self-choreographed cover of Billie Eilish’s “when the party’s over,” and Felix contributed to his portion of this “SKZ-PLAYER” from 2018.

4. Dreamcatcher’s SuA

In addition to this special clip of B-side “Red Sun,” Dreamcatcher’s main dancer SuA has contributed some really stellar choreography to both the group’s stage performances and YouTube channel. She’s also been known to collaborate on covers with artists from other groups, such as CLC’s Seungyeon (who is also on this list). SuA’s mesmerizing choreography and powerful execution definitely make her stand out.

5. ASTRO’s Rocky

ASTRO’s Rocky isn’t just the group’s main dancer – he’s also choreographed a couple of the group’s stage performances such as “Fireworks” (seen above), as well as the dance for “Morning Call.” He also has some incredible dance covers up on the group’s YouTube channel, where he gets to show off some of his individual talents and natural skill for solo choreography. His dance and choreography skills are totally underrated!

6. CLC’s Seungyeon

CLC fans were spoiled with a year of amazing monthly choreography videos from group leader Seungyeon back in 2019 and 2020, and she continues to collaborate with other artists to bring out stunning dance covers (as seen earlier with Dreamcatcher’s SuA). Her incredible range of styles and elegant execution makes her one of the best female dancers of her time!

7. NCT’s Ten and WinWin

This is the dance cover that no NCT or WayV fan can ever forget! The stunning choreography to this remix of “Lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid was created entirely by the two members as a part of WayV’s special project “Rainbow V,” and it gained a lot of recognition really quickly. While the members of NCT and WayV are all well-trained dancers, these two really shine in this clean style of modern dance. Plus, Ten occasionally puts out his own choreography videos for fans to enjoy.

8. TWICE’s Dahyun and Momo

Dahyun may be a rapper, but she has been cited as a choreographer on a couple of TWICE stages – including “Touchdown” (seen above) and “Jelly Jelly.” She has the sweet, peppy style of TWICE on lock, and she captures their energy perfectly in her moves. Main dancer Momo also contributed to the dance for “Likey,” during which she has a short solo section that was entirely self-choreographed.

9. BTS’s Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jimin

Dance line members J-Hope and Jimin have been known to contribute to many of the group’s stage choreographies, but youngest member Jungkook has had some pretty significant contributions as well. (He’s not called BTS’s Golden Maknae for nothing!) Jungkook created a lot of the moves to his most recent solo song from BTS’s album “Map of the Soul: 7,” and his passion really shines through in his performance.

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