Samuel Releases Statement After Police Drop Charges Against Brave Entertainment CEO

Samuel has released an official statement responding to the police’s decision to drop the charges he filed against Brave Entertainment founder and CEO Brave Brothers.

Back in 2019, Samuel—who was then signed to Brave Entertainment—announced his decision to promote as an independent artist. The agency responded by announcing that Samuel’s decision had been unilateral and that they planned to take legal action. Samuel’s mother and lawyer went on to reveal that the singer had filed a legal complaint against Brave Entertainment after unsuccessfully attempting to terminate his contract with the agency, detailing the specific issues that led to a breach of trust.

In addition to filing for a nullification of his contract, Samuel also filed a separate criminal complaint accusing Brave Brothers of fraud, embezzlement, and forgery.

This week, it was revealed that on June 25, the police had ultimately cleared Brave Brothers of all charges after finding him innocent during their investigations. 

On June 30, Samuel released the following statement:

Hello, this is Kim Samuel.

I am making an official statement regarding the police’s decision not to prosecute Brave Entertainment on the charges of fraud, embezzlement, and forgery, which was reported in the news on June 29.

I find it regretful that even though I provided evidence related to the above charges and requested an investigation while cooperating with the police as much as possible, the results were as described above.

The police’s decision not to forward the case to the prosecution does not signify the end of this incident [for me], and I plan to appeal this decision as soon as possible and request that the prosecution carefully look over the case to see if there weren’t any shortcomings within the investigation and whether the case was investigated thoroughly.

Additionally, as I have sufficient evidence to prove that this decision not to prosecute was wrong, I also plan to request a reinvestigation.

I filed these criminal charges because, in the midst of filing my ongoing lawsuit to nullify my exclusive contract, I discovered that the agency attempted to conceal [certain facts] from its artist and hid the truth. Therefore, in order to [learn and] confirm those facts, I moved forward with filing a criminal complaint.

With nothing but the desire to start my activities as a singer as soon as I possibly can, I have remained quiet, and in order to smoothly resolve this dispute, I have never even made so much as a public statement.

However, Brave Entertainment requested that I, who was a minor at the time, pay 1 billion won [approximately $885,214] in damages—a figure that is not clearly supported by evidence—and publicly asserted that while they had done nothing wrong, I had filed a lawsuit with malicious intentions, confusing the public with falsehoods and ruining my image.

Therefore, I have decided to break my long silence, and by fighting with Brave Entertainment and Brave Brothers until the very end, I hope that the details of what is true and what isn’t become clear to not only the Korean judicial system, but to the public as well.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Samuel’s separate legal dispute with Brave Entertainment over the validity of his contract is still ongoing.

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