12 Songs Composed By PENTAGON’s Hui That Prove He’s A Songwriting Genius

It’s been five months since PENTAGON’s Hui enlisted in the military, and we miss him already! Hui is known not only for being a charismatic performer and the fearless leader of his group, but also for his incredible talent for producing hit songs. Hui has worked on lyrics and music for a variety of K-pop acts, boasting a whopping 59 songs listed to his name according to the Korea Music Copyright Association — and that number doesn’t even include various other covers and remixes he’s worked on. Below are just 12 of the many songs Hui has composed and produced, from ballads to hip hop to hit K-pop dance tracks. They show why Hui is one of the most talented idols around, and why he has more than earned the title of genius songwriter!

1. “Runaway” — PENTAGON

This early-career PENTAGON track is moody perfection. “Runaway” was the second PENTAGON title song that Hui worked on, following “Like This,” which was released two months prior. These two tracks came out just about a year after the group’s debut, and it’s remarkable that Hui was already involved in the composition of PENTAGON’s music so early on! While Hui was the only member to work on the music (along with producer FLOW BLOW), he got help from Wooseok, Yuto, and former member DAWN to write the lyrics.

2. “White Butterfly” — Kim Han Byul

Hui was one of several idol producers to lend his production talent to the Mnet audition program “CAP-TEEN,” and “White Butterfly” is nothing short of stunning. With heart-melting piano chords and a soaring melody, the song is bound to make you feel uplifted and inspired. Of course, Kim Han Byul’s vocals breathe life into “White Butterfly,” but there’s no doubt that Hui helped write the perfect song for this budding singer!

3. “Energetic” — Wanna One

Perhaps the most famous track Hui has penned for another artist, Wanna One’s mega hit “Energetic” is one of several songs that Hui worked on for Mnet’s “Produce” series (“Never” and “Boyness” being the others). This breathless and upbeat song was ultimately chosen as Wanna One’s debut single, and it’s worth nothing that “Energetic” also features the work of PENTAGON member Wooseok, who co-wrote the lyrics with Hui.

4. “Lift Trophy” — Hui and Hangzoo

Hui has also participated in music variety and competition shows, including Mnet’s 2018 “Breakers” and 2019 “The Call 2.” For the latter show, he worked with rapper Hangzoo to write and compose their track “Lift Trophy,” which undoubtedly shows a different side from Hui’s idol image. As it turns out, Hui is talented at composing and performing hip hop (or “Huip hop,” as one commenter called it) as well!

5. “Shine” — PENTAGON

“Shine” is PENTAGON’s most well-known track, and it catapulted the group into the spotlight when it began to climb the charts a month after its release in April 2018. With simple chords and an infectiously cheerful energy, the song describes shyness about having a crush. Hui participated in the composition and lyrics for this song along with other PENTAGON members, and their work paid off: “Shine” now has over 225 million views on YouTube!

6. “Dramatic” — BVNDIT

The second single from girl group BVNDIT, “Dramatic” was co-penned and co-composed by Hui, along with producers FLOW BLOW and THE PROOF. A tropical house dance track with a memorable beat drop, “Dramatic” proves Hui’s ability to write bops for not only boy groups and solo artists, but also for girl groups too!

7. “Kill This Love” — PENTAGON and ONF

Those of us who watched “Road to Kingdom” know how hard Hui worked on the production of PENTAGON’s songs for the show. His efforts resulted in many breathtaking stages, but one of the most unforgettable was PENTAGON and ONF’s collab on a Hui-crafted remix of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love.” The chilling arrangement offers a whole new take on the song, and Hui’s part at 2:22 below is bound to give you goosebumps:

8. “Don’t Leave Me” — Shinhwa

Hui worked on a song for literal legends back in 2018 when he participated in the lyrics and music for a Shinhwa song! “Don’t Leave Me” is a sweet and soothing ballad from this OG K-pop group, and it allowed them to showcase their vocals in live performances like the one below. The song builds to a beautiful explosion of harmonies at the end!

9. “Basquiat” — PENTAGON

One of the greatest mysteries of 2020 is how this masterpiece of a song didn’t gain more popularity. With echoing chants, fast-paced raps, and an awe-inspiringly dramatic chorus, “Basquiat” is cinematic through and through. Hui and Wooseok worked on the music and lyrics for this one, along with producers NATHAN and YUNJI.

10. “DO or NOT” — PENTAGON

“DO or NOT” might just be one of the best songs of 2021: it’s catchy, feel-good, and has a uniquely fun band instrumental. PENTAGON’s take on the retro trend that’s been sweeping K-pop, “DO or NOT” harkens back to a 1950s sound that allows the guys to show off their warm energy. Wooseok joined Hui on the lyrics and composition of this song, with NATHAN as arranger and co-composer.


Hui and Minit collaborated to produce “TESSERACT,” which CIX released as a promotional song for the K-pop platform UNIVERSE. The highlight of this track is its unique rock-infused chorus, which gives the song a memorable and catchy edginess! Enjoy the cinematic video below, and check out the full version here.

12. “Boy in time” — Hui

Rounding out this list is Hui’s recent solo song, which touchingly portrays his poetic thoughts about growing up. “Boy in time” is about facing worries of what lies ahead as one gets older, but not being afraid: as Hui says, “the little bluebird still breathes in my heart.” This sweet and thoughtful ballad was the perfect send-off for Hui’s military enlistment, and gives us something to listen to as we eagerly await his return.

Not enough Hui for you? Here are a few more recommendations of other songs he’s worked on:

Ballads:The Greatest Wall” and “Thank You.”
Other artists: Ong Seong Wu’s “Heart Sign,” WEi’s “TWILIGHT,” and “This Stop Is” by Hui, Wooseok, and Oh My Girl’s YooA.
More PENTAGON:Daisy,” “You Like,” “Dr. BeBe,” and many of the group’s other hits!

Hey Soompiers, which Hui song is your favorite? What other artists would you like to see him write or produce for? Let us know in the comments!

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