NOIR’s Kim Minhyuk Tests Positive For COVID-19 + His Musical Co-Stars Waiting For Results

NOIR’s Kim Minhyuk has tested positive for COVID-19.

As a result of his diagnosis, the musical “On Air – Spinoff” will take a hiatus for two weeks. On July 6, the musical’s production company, Synth Wave, stated, “According to the results of the epidemiological survey conducted by the disease control authorities, we will not be holding performances from July 7 to July 18. We apologize for this sudden cancellation to all the audience members who may be inconvenienced by this.”

The statement continued, “Kim Minhyuk, who appears in the musical, received a positive test result for COVID-19 earlier this morning. We’ve confirmed with the public health authorities that there are currently no candidates for self-quarantining or active monitoring among the audience members. According to the rules, we will share the information that the disease control authorities have provided.

“The epidemiological surveys are not yet complete, but for safety reasons, our entire cast and crew are being preemptively tested. We will announce the results of the surveys when they are available. As we will not be holding performances until Sunday, July 18, we will announce the new performance schedule at a later time.”

“On Air – Spinoff” is a “viewable radio” experience where fans and stars can communicate together in a theatrical performance venue. “On Air – Spinoff” is the second season of the musical, following the popularity of the first season, “On Air – Secret Contract.”

As a result of Kim Minhyuk’s diagnosis, other idols who perform on the show are being tested for COVID-19. Yubin and Wonho appear in the musical, but their representatives stated that they did not attend the recent rehearsals and therefore had not crossed paths with the confirmed case.

Baek A Yeon was preemptively tested for COVID-19, first through a self-performed test and then through PCR testing, and received a negative test result. Her agency, Eden Entertainment, stated, “Although Baek A Yeon and her staff members have not experienced any symptoms like fevers or shortness of breath, they will be self-quarantining for two weeks for safety’s sake.”

MIRAE’s Son Dong Pyo is currently waiting for test results. His agency, DSP Media, stated, “Son Dong Pyo was not categorized as a close contact of the confirmed case, but he was preemptively tested for COVID-19 along with his staff members, and is self-quarantining while he waits for the results. We will announce the results once we have them.”

iKON’s Jinhwan is in a similar situation, with agency YG Entertainment stating, “iKON’s Jinhwan has undergone preemptive testing for COVID-19 after learning about the confirmed case. He currently has no symptoms of COVID-19. Whether or not he is classified as a close contact will depend on the results of the ongoing epidemiological surveys being conducted by the disease control authorities.”

According to Sublime Artist Agency, former GFRIEND member Yerin is also waiting for her results after being preemptively tested for COVID-19. VICTON’S Sejun and Chan are also named as co-stars in the musical, though it has not yet been reported whether they are being tested as well.

We wish Kim Minhyuk a speedy recovery.

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