Former ILUV Member Minah Shares Thoughts After Defamation Charges Against Her Are Dropped

The charges filed against former ILUV member Minah by her past agency have been dropped.

Last year, Minah alleged that she had been bullied by other members of the group ILUV, which was already disbanded at the time. ILUV’s agency WKS ENE responded by taking legal action against Minah for defamation, and later that year, her case was forwarded to the prosecution.

On July 24, Minah revealed in an interview with Star News, “The charges that [ILUV’s] agency filed against me for defamation have been dropped. Even though it was an obvious decision, it was hard [for me] because it took a year. But now that it’s been announced, I’m so happy.”

She went on, “Because I don’t have an agency, there were many false, unconfirmed reports about me in the news. But I feel like my name has been cleared by this result. I feel relieved. I keep getting emotional over it.”

When asked if she had plans to take her own legal action, such as filing a countersuit for damages, Minah replied, “I haven’t contacted my lawyer yet. So I haven’t yet decided anything.” She added, “There’s something that [ILUV’s agency] said. They said that if it was revealed that their claims had been lies, they would take full responsibility. I have proof, so I’m curious what they’ll do. I don’t want an apology, but I’d like them to take responsibility for what they said.”

Warning: mention of suicide.

Minah, who made an attempt to take her own life last year, also opened up about her health and her plans for the future.

“I’m currently still seeing a doctor for treatment,” said the former idol. “I’m trying to exercise and become a lot healthier.”

MInah went on to share, “I’m not going to become a celebrity [again] in the future. I made that decision back when I halted promotions under that agency. I have no interest in it whatsoever, and I’m currently majoring in psychology. I want to help people who are like me.”

“Honestly,” she remarked, “I’d only ever seen the news; I never imagined I’d be in it. But as I kept making the news for unfortunate reasons, I realized that the news really isn’t just somebody else’s business. ”

“There are people who, even without knowing who I was, contacted me to cheer me on,” continued Minah. “They even sent me gifts and books. I realized that it really was still worth living after all. When I was still under my former agency, I was really struggling. But I realized that it’s still worth living and that I shouldn’t give up, and I’m grateful for that.”

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