VICTON Members Send Off Han Seung Woo As He Enlists In The Military

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo has enlisted in the military.

Play M Entertainment previously announced that the idol would be enlisting in the military this month. On the last episode of Naver NOW’s radio show “Blanket Kick,” Han Seung Woo shared, “I’ll come back healthier, cooler, and more mature. Whenever and wherever we meet, I’ll smile first and say hello to everyone.”

On July 28, Han Seung Woo entered a training center where he will undergo basic training before he serving in the military band.

Earlier in the day, Han Seung Woo uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram account with the caption, “Until then.”

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VICTON’s official Twitter account shared photos of Han Seung Woo with his buzz cut. The caption asks fans to show support for Seung Woo who will return with a better side, and at the very end, it reads, “Seung Woo truly hearts you and loves you.”

VICTON also uploaded group photos that show the members sending Han Seung Woo off. The caption shares that the members came to say good-bye to him and reads, “Let’s meet again in a reliable, bright, beautiful, and healthy way! I love you.”

We wish Han Seung Woo all the best during his military service!

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