On the August 21 episode of SBS’s “LOUD,” the new JYP Entertainment trainees and the new P Nation trainees performed on a live broadcast for the first time.

Last episode, “LOUD” completed the casting round, where contestants were drafted into either JYP Entertainment or P Nation or eliminated from the show. The new JYPE trainees are Lee Gye Hun, Mitsuyuki Amaru, Lee Dong Hyeon, Park Yong Geon, Zo Doo Hyun, Okamoto Keiju, Youn Dong Yeon, Kang Hyun Woo, and Yoon Min. The new P Nation trainees are Cheon Jun Hyeok, Woo Kyung Jun, Eun Hwi, Daniel Jikal, Choi Tae Hun, Oh Sung Jun, Tanaka Koki, Lee Ye Dam, Jang Hyun Soo, and Kim Dong Hyun.

This episode, super agent Lee Seung Gi explained that the remainder of the show would feature battles between JYP Entertainment and P Nation to decide upon the final teams for debut. The live broadcasts feature three match-ups and one agency has to win two out of the three match-ups. These are held live so that the producers (Park Jin Young and PSY) and the fans can decide together on the best debut line-up. For each live broadcast, one trainee would be eliminated per agency, and for the agency that loses, the trainee with the lowest fan votes will also be eliminated. However, Park Jin Young and PSY have “wild cards” that they can use to save a trainee.

The first match-up was an “identity” mission, where each agency would have all their new trainees put together a performance that indicates their future musical direction. To do this, each agency team would cover what they considered to be their agency’s “representative” song.

P Nation’s team remade Jessi’s hit song “NUNU NANA” as “I’m Your Brother,” while JYPE’s team remade 2PM’s song “Again & Again,” rearranging the song with a more “young and energetic” theme.

The second match-up was between two teams who rearranged the same song, Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes.” Performing for P Nation, Woo Kyung Jun, Oh Sung Jun, Daniel Jikal, Lee Ye Dam, and Kim Dong Hyun put a funky twist on the song. On JYPE’s side, Lee Dong Hyeon, Zo Doo Hyun, Yoon Min, and Kang Hyun Woo remade the song with a rock sound.

The final mission was in the crossover genre, where songs of two different genres had to be combined into a single performance. P Nation’s Cheon Jun Hyeok, Eun Hwi, Tanaka Koki, Choi Tae Hun, and Jang Hyun Soo combined EXO’s “Growl” and Shin Hae Chul’s “Lazenca, Save Us.” JYPE’s Youn Dong Yeon, Okamoto Keiju, Lee Gye Hun, Mitsuyuki Amaru, and Park Yong Geon combined Choi Baek Ho’s “About Romance” and BTS’s “IDOL.”

In the end, Kang Hyun Woo was eliminated from JYPE and Kim Dong Hyun was eliminated from P Nation. JYPE’s Park Yong Geon and P Nation’s Lee Ye Dam, who were ranked the lowest in advance fan votes, were also candidates for elimination. As P Nation won all three match-ups, JYPE’s Park Yong Geon was the third eliminated trainee this round.

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