Dispatch Releases Conversations Involving Current And Former AOA Members Including Kwon Mina And Jimin + Kwon Mina Responds

Warning: discussion of suicide and self-harm.

Dispatch has released a report revealing conversations involving current and former AOA members.

Back in July 2020, former AOA member Kwon Mina wrote posts detailing years of harassment from the group’s leader Jimin.

On September 8, Dispatch released messages and transcripts of conversations related to this situation.

Jimin’s father passed away on April 3, 2020. Kwon Mina went to the wake on April 4, and Jimin apologized to her. Kwon Mina cried, and they shared an embrace.

These texts were exchanged on the night of April 4.

Mina: The moment you said sorry to me, I lost it. I felt regretful thinking what if I approached you more, what if I was more honest. I was so thankful that you were really thankful to me. Unnie (a term used by a female to refer to an older female), I am also so sorry and thankful. (omitted) And I hope you never experience anything hurtful again. Let’s be healthy. Thank you, Unnie, for hugging me.

Jimin: I love you, Mina.

Mina: Sorry and thank you, Unnie.

Mina: Please hug me next time!

Jimin: Of course. Let’s not be sick, Mina.

The two exchanged messages a few more times afterwards.

April 18, 2020.

Mina: Unnie, did you call?

Jimin: Yeah. I just called because you were on my mind.

May 12, 2020

Mina: Unnie! Sorry for not answering your call. I’m having such a hard time these days. I didn’t answer anyone’s call that day. Don’t worry though. I’ll try my best. Unnie, are you okay? Don’t be sick. If we can meet next week or the week after, let’s grab a meal together. Drinks are good also.

Jimin: Okay, Mina (heart)

Mina: Do you prefer next week or the week after?

Jimin: Um I think the week after would work better! Mina, were you having a hard time? ㅠㅠ

Mina: Yeah, Unnie. I think I’m not in my right mind these days.. haha

A couple of months later on July 3, 2020, Kwon Mina wrote a post speaking out against Jimin. Jimin denied her claims, and Mina wrote two more posts to follow up on the matter. In one of the later posts, Kwon Mina said that the AOA members, including Jimin, had come to her home to discuss the issue.

The following are excerpts of conversations exchanged for 128 minutes between the current and former AOA members on July 3 when they gathered at Mina’s home.

Jimin: I came because I have something to say also. That’s what you felt. I do not remember, but those incidents that you mentioned. I came because I want to apologize for those.

Mina: You truly don’t remember?

Jimin: So I’ll apologize about that. I didn’t know.

Mina: Wow.

Jimin: I came to sort things out. I’ll admit my fault for what I did wrong.

Mina: I wish you would say at least something that makes sense. I get that you don’t remember. Okay, I’ll understand that.

Mina: You’re not at that level. You remember when you hit me, right? You said you hit me because I was at the very front.

Jimin: Where did I hit you?

Mina: My chest like this! Should I hit you the same way?

Jimin: Did I hit you a lot?

Mina: Yes.

Jimin: I think I only pushed you like this…

Mina: No. You hit me with your fist. I guess you don’t have a good memory. It doesn’t seem like you came to sort this out.

Jimin: I came to sort this out.

Mina: Do you see this? These cuts on my left arm?

Jimin: Why did you do that. I’m sorry.

Mina: Why did I do this? Why did I do this? Jimin unnie? I’m so frustrated that you can’t remember what you did to me. How could you do something like that and not remember?

Jimin: Do you have a knife?

Chanmi: Don’t.

Jimin: I’ll just die.

Choa: Stop. If you’re going to apologize, then do it properly. What is this.

Jimin: I’m apologizing,…

Choa: You just have to say sorry for this to end..

Jimin: This is because of me, so I’ll leave.

Choa: If you leave, does that solve this?

Jimin: I’ll leave. I’m sorry guys. Mina, I’m sorry.

Chanmi: Wait everyone. Let’s calm down a bit.

Mina: You gave me that much and don’t remember?

Jimin: It’s my fault. I did wrong.

Mina: You don’t remember?

Jimin: Everything I did to you, I did wrong.

Mina: I became crazy.

Jimin: I’m sorry. I really…

Mina: But I

Jimin: But I really came to say sorry to you sincerely.

Mina: I became crazy. I’ve become broken, but you don’t remember?

Jimin broke out into tears. “I’m sorry that this is the extent of my memory.” “It’s all my fault. You don’t have to forgive me, but I really came to apologize.

Jimin: From my point of view,

Mina: Say it.

Jimin: From my point of view, as a leader to you…

Mina: You treated me well?

Jimin: I hoped that you would go down a better path.

Jimin: I hoped that all of you… So I didn’t know that those criticisms were painful and hurtful to you.

Mina: Because I have to go down a good path, you said my body is unattractive and my face is like X? Is that going down a good path?

Jimin: I never said that.

Mina: I got depression because of you and eventually went down a bad path. Do you know what I’m saying?

Jimin: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I bothered you about trivial things.

Mina: You tormented me every day. You don’t remember, right?

Jimin: I tormented you every day?

Mina: Yes. I took medication every day.

Jimin: I’m the one who was with you until the end when you were sick. You also don’t remember, right?

Mina: I remember. But do you know what I was thinking inside? She doesn’t even know I’m sick because of her.

Jimin: Ah really? I didn’t know.

Choa began mediating, and the other members expressed their thoughts.

Mina: Why do you dislike me?

Jimin: I don’t dislike you.

Mina: (to the other members) She was excessive to me, right?

Chanmi: We cannot side with anyone.

Choa: It’s difficult for the others to say anything. And Jimin, this problem will not be solved by you leaving. If she says she’s upset about something, just listen. You’re older.

Jimin: I’ll listen.

Choa: Just listen to her.

Choa: And honestly, how many times did we even meet before fighting like this? How many times will we even meet in the future? You can just listen to what she says and say, “Ah, alright. I was a bit young back then. Sorry.”

Jimin: Sorry.

Choa: Yes, like that.

Mina: There’s that saying that the one who hit doesn’t remember, but the one who got hit remembers forever.

Jimin: I’ll leave [AOA].

Mina: Don’t leave.

Jimin: No, I’ll leave.

Choa: Jimin, you leaving now will not solve anything.

Jimin: This is harming everyone.

Choa: This is what I think. We had a killer schedule. You might’ve taken your sensitivity out on Mina, and Mina could’ve also seen you that way when she was sensitive. Don’t you think so?

Choa: Jimin, Mina once said to me, ‘Unnie, I had a hard time because you were so sensitive.’ I had nothing to say because I felt so sorry. You just have to apologize in that aspect.

Jimin: I’m sorry that I was really sensitive, that I was too young, that my actions were mean.

Mina: If I could pay the contract penalty fee, I would’ve left earlier before I became mentally ill.

Jimin: I’m sorry. I’ll apologize for everything you experienced.

Mina: But I feel so frustrated because you say you don’t remember.

Jimin: I’ll remember.

Mina: You won’t remember.

Jimin: I will remember. Everything I did to you was wrong. I was too young and sensitive. I’m so sorry that I was so mean to you.

Hyejeong, who was Mina’s closest friend in the group, then joined the conversation.

Hyejeong: I think that’s how it was. I did hear from Mina.

Hyejeong. But Unnie doesn’t remember. Because of you two… (the others are being harmed.)

Jimin: I’m sorry, sorry.

Hyejeong: Mina, you also have to apologize.

Mina: I apologize to the members and don’t have to apologize to Jimin unnie.

Jimin: Yeah. You don’t have to apologize to me.

Hyejeong: That’s not okay.

Jimin: I’m so sorry to you guys. I wanted our team to succeed…

Hyejeong: I know.

Mina: She’s lying.

Chanmi: Let’s listen. Let’s listen to what Jimin unnie has to say also.

Mina: Is having sex with guys for the team to do well?

Jimin: From my memory, I remember that what I did was for the success of our team from my point of view, so I think I didn’t realize that I was so wrong.

Jimin: Listening now, you all received so much stress. I am saying sorry for that.

Hyejeong: No, it’s okay. We are okay. We are in a team with you because we understand you.

Hyejeong: But because you don’t remember, Mina’s anger isn’t being resolved. Unnie, you could remember and apologize.

Mina: Hyejeong, how can she apologize when she doesn’t remember.

Hyejeong: A person can think about it.

Mina: She says she doesn’t remember even if she thinks.

Hyejeong: She must be taken aback. This is a sudden situation.

Mina: I have gone crazy.

Hyejeong: I think I’m also going crazy because of you.

Mina: Then go crazy.

Hyejeong: I don’t want to.

Choa: Mina! Jimin might really not remember, and she says she is sorry.

Mina: But you all saw her when she first walked in. I thought she was coming in to fight.

Chanmi: She might’ve arrived like that at first because she didn’t know these details initially. She might’ve arrived feeling doubtful.

Mina: I understand all of you, but really try living as me for a day.

Choa: I’m sorry, Mina. I’m sorry I didn’t know you more. We all should’ve talked about [issues] that we had…

Mina: Okay. I’ll accept the apology. I accepted the apology.

Jimin: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Mina: Okay, Unnie. I’m also sorry. I’m also sorry that I went out of my mind. I’ll stop mentioning my dad also. Sorry, Dad.

Jimin: We are sorry.

Hyejeong: Like I said earlier, it’s everyone’s fault.

Mina: Sorry. I’m sorry for everything, so everyone leave my house now. I’ll accept the apology. I accepted Jimin unnie’s apology. All good now, right?

Choa: Mina.

Mina: I think I’m going out of my mind.

Chanmi: How could we leave comfortably.

Mina: I’ll also try my hardest. I’ll try to forget and understand.

Choa: I also know how sensitive I was in the past. I was sorry to all of you.

Yuna: I think it should be better now that you let it out.

Mina: Yeah. I let out a lot. Some of it has been let out. I will try from now on, and I have to. What else can I do.

Mina: And you (Seolhyun), don’t cry.

Seolhyun: Okay. Don’t worry about us. And Unnie, if you live with a grudge, then it’s your loss.

Choa concluded by sorting out the situation.

Choa: We had a brutal schedule at the time. So we had no time to take care of ourselves.

Choa: But this is also true. You’re a really soft-hearted person. And when I say something to you, you don’t listen.

Mina: Yeah, you’re right.

Choa: You shut your ears.

Mina: Yeah I do. I’m fixing it.

Choa: So I thought, “She’s just not the type to listen”…and honestly kind of gave up. But Jimin, when she said something to you, you followed her well, so I think she thought that was right. Even though it really wasn’t. It got off on the wrong foot.

Mina: Yeah.

Choa: And you were unhappy about that. It became a problem because we fought too little.

Mina: I should try hard too. I’ll have to get my head screwed on straight now. You came [to my house], talked, said sorry, and cried.

A member: Even Seolhyun who had the hardest time said sorry.

Seolhyun: No, no.

Mina: Yeah, your face has gotten smaller. Is your schedule still brutal?

Seolhyun, Yeah, I’m filming a drama.

Choa: Don’t post [on Instagram] anymore, okay?

Mina: Of course.

Choa: When I think about the time I went out of control and posted a lot, I get goosebumps. Later on, you’ll feel embarrassed about it.

Mina: I’m already embarrassed.

After meeting with Mina, Jimin uploaded her apology on Instagram. Mina then posted on her Instagram to deny that Jimin had apologized to her. Jimin officially left AOA and the entertainment industry that day and did not respond to Mina’s posts anymore.

From November 2020 to May 2021, Mina continued to message Jimin.

November 2020

“You’re reading the message and not responding and living well, it seems. When are you going to genuinely apologize?

Unnie, you know where I live. Or should I go?”

April 2021

“Hey Jimin, are you not going to respond? You won’t respond even if I die? Come to your senses. I won’t ever forget you.”

“I want to pay back all of the bullying you did to me exactly as is. I’m holding back well. Hey, if you saw it, you should respond. Aren’t you angry? You need to come beat me up, haha. Come on. Are you even human?”

“Jimin, you can’t do this to me. Someone’s dying here. Do you have no emotion? Hahaha. You have no remorse, huh? It’s about time your temper comes up. Why are you quiet?”

“You were looking for a knife at my house. I have a lot of knives. Come. You won’t even be able to stab me. Hahaha.”

“As long as I’m alive, I’m going to take revenge, Jimin. I won’t forget the things you did and said to me. I’ll pay it back for sure. Just wait, Samuel Jackson.”

April 2021

“Read, Jimin. You messed with the wrong person. Where’s our Shin Jimin’s audacity? You have to come have a one-on-one fight with me. I can go to you, or you can come to me. Come, you whore.”

May 2021

“Is it no fun now after 10 years? Do you have no remorse? Are you human?”

“Does your mom feel no remorse at all either? When her own daughter is the cause of someone else’s daughter contemplating death every day.”

“Hey Jimin. Is your mom unwell, by any chance? Just respond to me. You’ll see me again anyway.”

Kwon Mina has continued to publicly express her resentment towards Jimin through live broadcasts, an appearance on a YouTube program, and Instagram posts.

Dispatch also revealed KakaoTalk chat records between Kwon Mina and FNC Entertainment staff. A staff member explained that Mina had asked the staff to take care of her personal requests and showed Dispatch their chatroom records.

Mina: Managers, it doesn’t matter who does it, so please make a dentist’s appointment for a root canal treatment for me. Who do I have to tell, and how many times?

Manager: Remember I sent you a KakaoTalk message separately? That the appointment didn’t work out.

Mina: So I’m asking you to find a different place. You probably called that one place. I’m asking you to at least look into finding a different place for the appointment.

Mina: If you send me a KakaoTalk message saying it didn’t work out, do I have to just keep waiting? Did you make an appointment for a different day? No.

On a Saturday afternoon in January 2018, Mina asked her manager to set up a skin care clinic appointment for her mother.

Mina: My mom will receive it, not me.

Manager: I’ll try calling them when I get to work on Monday.

Mina: Thanks. On any day, as soon as possible.

Manager: Could you tell me your mother’s name and birth date? I think I’ll need it for the reservation.

Mina messaged her manager at 2 a.m. on Monday.

Mina: I’m sorry but can you call tomorrow and make the appointment for a later time if it’s possible immediately?

She sent another message at 4 a.m.

Mina: Make the reservation and if they say Monday is okay, call me immediately. (4:41 a.m.)

Manager: Okay. I’ll call the clinic right when they open. (8:30 a.m.)

A source from the Korea Entertainment Management Association considered this a power trip, explaining, “If it’s necessary for their activities in the entertainment industry, [the celebrity] can request a hospital appointment, but asking your manager to make a hospital appointment for your mother is way outside of their work scope.”

The following conversation was shared in a chatroom between FNC Entertainment managers in April 2018.

Manager: (Sigh) Mina unnie is scary.

Manager: She went a bit too far today.

Manager: It’s not like I didn’t send her the KakaoTalk message. I sent it to her in advance.

Manager: When I said, “Huh? I sent you a message yesterday,” she instantly said, “Hey, don’t talk back to me.”

The newbie manager told the senior manager about the hard time they had.

Manager: She was angry on her way out [of the salon], wasn’t she?

Manager: I think it’s because Mina unnie is especially sensitive.

Manager: Nothing happened at the salon with the other members.

Manager: And I think she didn’t get to sleep today.

Manager: I’m tired of walking on eggshells around Mina unnie all the time.

Another conversation between Mina and managers went as follows:

Mina: Managers, if I asked to get picked up, don’t just ask the singer [management] team and do your best. Don’t just do a half-hearted job when I ask for something.

Manager: It’s not easy for us to ask the actor management team. And we asked the whole album team.

Mina: Unnie. Then you should have explained that to me yesterday. Why are you telling me that now?

Mina: Unnie. Don’t call me anymore. Why do I have to sit here listening to you talk like you’re a teacher telling off her student? I cried because of you too so you should be sorry.

Mina: You must be joking. You’re tired of me asking you to buy me food and buy me cola? I’ve never said that since we came to Geondae.

Mina: I’m sorry I asked for food. Happy, unnie? You’re saying you were tired of backing me up? Unnie, don’t ever be involved in my work. If you’re going to say things like that.

Following the report, Kwon Mina posted a response on Instagram. In her post, she also speaks about being recently called out for smoking in a hotel room where it was prohibited.

Read the post below:

Hello, this is Kwon Mina, who has been creating a stir and endlessly causing trouble due to my wrong choices.
Honestly, I’ve said that I wanted to live like myself, but when I came to my senses, I was just acting strong and living without common sense.
In my struggle, all that’s left is anger.. So when I felt that I had really gone crazy, I had deleted my Instagram account completely.
But I’m back like this after a short while.. There is a reason, so please look at me just once. I won’t get worked up..I won’t say any lies, including shocking and bad actions and words.. First of all, I’m posting on Instagram because after seeing the Dispatch article about the 128 minutes, I tried emailing the Dispatch reporters and leaving my contact information. Even if I’m alone, I’d like to share my side of the story even a little bit. The managers mentioned in the report and the story behind the transcript, I know who all of them are and remember what happened. I don’t know who sent in the transcripts, it’s probably FNC’s team leader or manager or someone from Shin’s side, but I’d rather have the recordings with our voices revealed from beginning to end..
I’d rather they reveal my full conversation with manager Kim without omitting the context..
If you only listen to the report from Unnie’s side and read the text like this, it’s like I’ve received an apology over 100 times. If there was a CCTV recording, I would want to reveal the entire video and audio. Please just reveal as much of it as possible. Weren’t you filming and recording from the moment you entered and left my house.. The team leader and manager who were especially close to Shin had accompanied her.. Please reveal it..
If this is how it turns out, everything I’ve said until now becomes a lie. I’ve been the talk of the town.. But please don’t take this opportunity to confine me, not when it comes to this case.. All of the people who have acknowledged some things and know some things probably won’t reveal what they know, but at least give me a chance to speak on my own. Give me a chance to [present] a witness, [submit] a report, [show] evidence, and more.. I plead you. You can contact me directly..And I’ll tell you exactly how the indoor smoking issue ended. I paid a fine of 300,000 won (approximately $257) and apologized to them, cleaned it up, and left behind a letter in the room. It may sound like an excuse, but it’s true that I didn’t see a notice about the nonsmoking policy and was never informed about it. If not smoking indoors is common sense, I’m really just someone without even the most basic common sense.. By selecting a room where smoking is allowed, I thought that’s how it had naturally proceeded. It turned out that instead of only upgrading the hotel, there were four hotels there, and they changed me to a different hotel. I did not give my full attention to their explanation. It’s all my fault, and I didn’t accept it when all of you explained it to me, and I behaved as I pleased.. I apologize. I will make sure I don’t cause harm in such a clueless way in the future..
I will also stop using Instagram.. I really need to recognize that my actions are wrong and stop, receive treatment well, reflect on myself, and try to live on as a bright person.. The report had me contemplating a lot, but I’m really upset about this.. I genuinely feel like I’m going to break down.. Even if the misunderstandings aren’t solved, I just wanted to put it out there.. I’m sorry..

If you would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help and reach out. Click here for a list of international hotlines that you can call, and if you can’t find your country listed, please call your local emergency number.

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