Go Jun Hee's Legal Reps To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors Linking Her To Seungri's Burning Sun Controversies

Go Jun Hee will be taking legal action against those who spread malicious rumors about her involvement with Burning Sun.

Previously, the actress was caught up in the “Burning Sun Gate,” an embezzlement and prostitution scandal which largely surrounded Seungri and YG Entertainment.

On September 8, her legal representatives Oh Kims released the following statement: 

Hello, this is actress Go Jun Hee’s legal representatives Oh Kims.

Recently, false information and libelous posts about Go Jun Hee have been spreading again through several YouTubers on YouTube.

We took legal action against malicious netizens for creating and disseminating false information that Go Jun Hee provided sexual favors at Burning Sun, and many of them were punished for violating laws on Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

Despite the fact that the above is not true, such malicious rumors are still spreading online for the purpose of increasing the number of views on YouTube, causing great pain to the actress.

Once again, we would like to inform you that the rumors that recently spread through YouTube about Go Jun Hee providing sexual favors at Burning Sun are not true at all. They are nothing but provocative false facts that malicious YouTubers and netizens have maliciously created.

Spreading groundless facts through videos, posts, or comments in an online space that anyone can see or damaging a person’s reputation with abusive language and sexual harassment is a serious criminal act that causes indescribable pain to the victim.

In addition to generating and spreading false rumors online, spreading false information generated by others through videos and posts is subject to criminal punishment as a violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

As legal representatives of actress Go Jun Hee, we inform you that we will take all possible legal measures, including criminal charges and civil damages and without any leniency or settlements, against people who harm her reputation by spreading false rumors about her and ruin a woman’s character through serious abusive language and sexual harassment remarks.

Therefore, please immediately stop all acts of spreading false information, ruining her reputation, and causing psychological damage and delete all existing defamation posts.

Thank you.

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