MONSTA X Talks About The Meaning Of Their Latest Comeback, Going Back On Tour, And More

On November 19, MONSTA X held an online press conference for the release of their 10th mini album “NO LIMIT.”

Minhyuk said, “Somehow, we’re in our seventh year since our debut. It feels like it passed by in a blink, but we wanted to prove with this album that this was our signature energy and dynamism. As we build up experience, we could do more relaxed songs, but we wanted to have a strong title track for this comeback that showed that we still have a powerful vibe.”

Joohoney, who co-produced the title track, “Rush Hour,” said, “Personally, I still remember clearly our song ‘Trespass,’ and I wanted to bring some of that energy back. I think it’s a combination of the MONSTA X that we were when we debuted and the MONSTA X that has matured since then. It represents our will to plant our flag at the top of the world, as well as our gratitude for Monbebe [fandom name].”

He continued, “I was happy to work on ‘Rush Hour.’ I think it was because a lot of people enjoyed our previous title track, ‘Gambler,’ that I was able to do the title track again. I think that I still have a long way to go as someone who makes music, but I feel a little that I’ve been acknowledged by the fans. Thanks to their good feedback, I am motivated to work harder.”

I.M added, “Overall, the members participated a lot in this album, and with our names in the album credits, we felt more responsibility. Now we don’t even think of it as special work, it’s a matter of course that we would make our album, it has a feeling of ‘it was made by us.'”

MONSTA X’s Shownu is currently completing his mandatory military service as a public service worker. Minhyuk said, “We feel his absence everywhere. But since he’s not here, we’re motivated to work harder. It’s not that we can fill his gap by working harder, but we want to show the best image we can so that the day that we can show the group back together comes again.”

MONSTA X will be joining the 2021 Jingle Ball Tour in the United States, and have reinstated their North American tour dates for 2022. Minhyuk said, “As a group that does a lot of tours and concerts, we felt an especially keen desire to stand on stage again. We never imagined that our tour dates would be pushed back almost two years. But during those two years, we thought a lot about how to show even better performances, and did our best to make new content and communicate with fans. Since it’s our first tour in two years, we’re working hard to prepare. Even today we had a passionate discussion about it.”

Asked about their ultimate goal, Minhyuk said, “We’ve never thought about it. Things like Billboard, the Grammys, music show wins, I don’t really remember any of us talking about things like that when we’re on our own. Instead of having a single ultimate goal, I think we received a lot of love naturally while achieving new goals every time and seeing the members’ happiness at each success. We do our best at what we’re given, and we don’t settle or get conceited, and I think that’s how we got to where were are today.”

Joohoney said, “It would be nice [if our new album] got on the charts, but I want more to hear that MONSTA X was able to show something worthy of MONSTA X. I want to show that we’re a genre of our own.”

Check out the music video for “Rush Hour” here!

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