Melon Reveals Top 100 Songs That Received The Most Likes In 2021

Melon has shared a list of the 100 songs that received the most likes in 2021!

As 2021 winds to a close, Melon—Korea’s largest music streaming service—has released a playlist of the top 100 songs that received the most likes on its platform this year.

Notably, nine out of 10 of IU’s songs from her album “LILAC” made the list, as well as all 10 of NCT DREAM’s songs from their first studio album “Hot Sauce.”

Check out the full list (dated November 17) below!

  1. IU’s “Celebrity”
  2. Brave Girls’ “Rollin'”
  3. BTS’s “Butter”
  4. Lee Mujin’s “Traffic light”
  5. IU’s “LILAC”
  6. aespa’s “Next Level”
  7. Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” (featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon)
  8. BTS’s “Permission to Dance”
  9. The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s “STAY”
  10. MSG Wannabe (M.O.M)’s “Foolish Love”
  11. Heize’s “HAPPEN”
  12. D-Hack and PATEKO’s “OHAYO MY NIGHT”
  13. Oh My Girl’s “Dun Dun Dance”
  14. AKMU’s “NAKKA” (with IU)
  15. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s “Weekend”
  16. BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s “On The Ground”
  17. IU’s “strawberry moon”
  18. STAYC’s “ASAP”
  19. Brave Girls’ “We Ride”
  20. Coldplay and BTS’s “My Universe”
  21. IU’s “My sea”
  22. Homies’ “Siren Remix” (featuring UNEDUCATED KID and Paul Blanco)
  23. NCT DREAM’s “Hot Sauce”
  25. Red Velvet’s Joy’s “Hello”
  26. aespa’s “Savage”
  27. IU’s “Hold my hand”
  28. IU’s “Coin”
  29. Highlight’s Yang Yoseob and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji’s “LOVE DAY (2021)”
  30. IU’s “Ah puh”
  31. Song I Han’s “I will be your shining star”
  32. Red Velvet’s “Queendom”
  33. BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s “Gone”
  34. KyoungSeo’s “Shiny Star (2020)”
  35. Brave Girls’ “Chi Mat Ba Ram”
  36. Lee Mujin’s “Rain and You”
  37. NCT DREAM’s “Dive Into You”
  38. Justin Bieber’s “Off My Face”
  39. Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits”
  40. EXO’s Baekhyun’s “Bambi”
  41. NCT DREAM’s “Hello Future”
  42. Jeon Somi’s “DUMB DUMB”
  43. 10cm’s “Borrow your night”
  44. TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free”
  45. GyeongseoYeji and Jeon Gunho’s “If you lovingly call my name”
  46. Jo Jung Suk’s “I Like You”
  47. (G)I-DLE’s “HWAA”
  48. BTS’s “Dynamite”
  49. SEVENTEEN’s “Ready to love”
  50. LABOUM’s “Journey to Atlantis”
  51. SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me”
  52. IU’s “Hi spring Bye”
  53. SEVENTEEN’s “Rock with you”
  54. MSG Wannabe (JSDK)’s “Only You”
  55. NCT DREAM’s “My Youth”
  56. NCT DREAM’s “Life Is Still Going On”
  57. IU’s “Epilogue”
  58. NCT DREAM’s “Irreplaceable”
  59. NCT 127’s “Sticker”
  60. Jung Dong Ha’s “I Still Love You”
  61. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open”
  62. Sunwoojunga’s “Run With Me”
  63. Epik High’s “Rain Song” (featuring Colde)
  64. NCT DREAM’s “Diggity”
  65. Jukjae’s “Do you want to walk with me?”
  66. SG Wannabe’s “Timeless”
  67. Im Young Woong’s “My Starry Love”
  68. MSG Wannabe (Top 8)’s “Journey to Atlantis”
  69. Pink Sweat$’s “At My Worst”
  70. ITZY’s “In the morning”
  71. BTS’s “Life Goes On”
  72. IU’s “Flu”
  73. Im Young Woong’s “Love Always Runs Away”
  74. John K’s “parachute”
  75. IU’s “Troll” (featuring Dean)
  76. PATEKO’s “Rainy day” (featuring ASH ISLAND and Skinny Brown)
  77. NCT DREAM’s “Rainbow”
  79. NCT DREAM’s “ANL”
  80. Homies’ “Siren”
  81. EXO’s “Don’t fight the feeling”
  82. Jawsh 685, Jason Derulo, BTS’s “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]”
  83. CHEEZE’s “Never Loved This Way Before”
  84. NCT DREAM’s “Be There For You”
  85. Joosiq’s “Think About You”
  86. Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, and MUSHVENOM’s “VVS” (featuring JUSTHIS) (produced by GroovyRoom)
  87. NCT 127’s “Favorite (Vampire)”
  88. SEVENTEEN’s “Is It Still Beautiful”
  89. BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”
  90. Etham’s “12:45 (Stripped)”
  91. NCT DREAM’s “Rocket”
  92. Lee Ye Joon’s “On That Day”
  93. Jang Beom June’s “can’t sleep”
  94. Heize’s “On Rainy Days (2021)”
  95. EXO’s D.O.’s “Rose”
  96. TXT’s “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” (featuring Seori)
  97. NCT DREAM’s “Countdown (3, 2, 1)”
  98. K.Will’s “Back In Time”
  99. IU’s “Secret Garden”
  100. Kim Dae Myung’s “In front of the Post Office in Autumn”

What were your favorite K-pop songs of 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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