Im Soo Hyang, Honey J, Jang Do Yeon, And More To Join New Basketball Variety Show

Im Soo Hyang, Honey J, Jang Do Yeon, and more have been confirmed for an upcoming basketball variety show!

JTBC’s new variety show “Jump Like a Witch” features eight female stars as they learn how to develop their energy and athletic skills through basketball. It will be a challenge for those who aren’t very athletically inclined and have not recently participated in sports for various reasons.

The eight cast members include Song Eun Yi, Go Soo Hee, Byul, Park Sun Young, Jang Do Yeon, Honey J, Ok Ja Yeon, and Im Soo Hyang. Although they are all representatives of their respective fields, it’s been a long time since they’ve recharged their energy with sports and they’ll be able to do this much more effectively now that they’re on a team.

Through this program, Song Eun Yi will overcome the hurdles of being the group’s oldest and shortest member as well as her condition of having no cartilage, while also serving as the team’s reliable source of stability. For the past three years, actress Go Soo Hee has only familiarized herself with Pilates as exercise, leaving viewers curious as to how she will adapt to basketball.

Byul has been exposed to lots of basketball as she is married to well-known fanatic HaHa. However, the singer has developed persistent wrist pain from many years of taking care of their children and this program will showcase whether Byul can overcome this physical barrier. After becoming a free agent, former SBS news anchor Park Sun Young talked about her sudden decline in stamina and hopes to build her body strength on “Jump Like a Witch.”

Despite being the tallest and potentially most advantageous member, Jang Do Yeon has zero basketball knowledge. In her attempt to learn more, she will also aim to develop her stamina. Honey J, leader of hip hop dance crew Holy Bang, will be joining “Jump Like a Witch” as a fixed cast member on a variety show for the first time since “Street Woman Fighter.” Despite obviously already being an incredibly talented dancer, Honey J will try to overcome her chronic asthma through basketball.

Through sports, actress Ok Ja Yeon expressed her determination to overcome the fragile physique she was born with. Fellow actress Im Soo Hyang shared that the only cardio exercise she gets in is jumping around at karaoke and she hopes to become a newfound exercise fanatic through basketball.

Assisting their team will be head coach Moon Kyung Eun, coach Hyun Joo Yup, and team manager Jung Hyung Don. Moon Kyung Eun is a former professional basketball player known as the legendary “Rambo shooter.” Hyun Joo Yup is another former professional basketball player who coached the team on JTBC’s “Let’s Play Basketball.” Viewers can look forward to the banter and chemistry between these two former players. Joining them as team manager is Jung Hyung Don who will act as the group’s support.

The production team commented, “We’ve gathered eight unnies representative of the entertainment industry that have distanced themselves from sports. We have no worries even if they can’t play sports or are stiff. We plan to start with the basics and slowly proceed like it is leisure sports. Please stay tuned for the eight unnies‘ eventful basketball challenge that they will not give up on, despite their chronic muscle pain.”

JTBC’s “Jump Like a Witch” premieres on February 15 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser below!

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