Apink Talks About The Concept And Creation Process Of New Special Album, Favorite B-Sides, And More

Apink participated in a Q&A for their comeback with “HORN”!

Apink made their first comeback in a year and 10 months with the special album “HORN” on February 14 at 6 p.m. KST. The album is being released to commemorate Apink’s 10th debut anniversary, which occurred in 2021.

About making a comeback in almost two years, Chorong said, “First, it’s all really fun and enjoyable. Even when my body is tired from practice, my heart and mind are happy and having fun. It’s really exciting to think that we can show a new side of ourselves.

Namjoo said, “We worked again with Black Eyed Pilseung, who helped Apink change up our concept with ‘I’m So Sick’ and other songs. The addictive hook is a key point of the song ‘Dilemma,’ and it’s a melody that you won’t be able to escape from. It’s a song that portrays well the ‘dilemma’ humans feel when you feel like you can’t go one way or the other on the verge of a breakup.”

Bomi said, “We were really inspired by ‘voguing,’ which a lot of dancers have shown a lot of love for lately. The chorus for ‘Dilemma’ in particular captures the feeling of the title with movements that repeat up and down.” Jung Eun Ji said, “The music video has a glamorous and sensual direction that expresses the feeling of a ‘Dilemma,’ as well as various sides of Apink.”

Chorong said, “We always focus on this when we have a new album, but we wanted to show that we’d grown. We’re always thinking about what we can do to show a new side of us and what kind of music we can try.”

Jung Eun Ji recommended her unit song with Chorong and Namjoo, “Nothing,” and said, “It’s a song that’s different from Apink’s usual style. I’d also recommend my self-composed song ‘Dream,’ which is a fan song that contains our gratitude for our fans.”

Asked to share stories from the album’s creative process, Namjoo said, “I remember that on the set of the music video, we really enjoyed the food from the food truck. We worked so hard on the album production process that we practiced even when we didn’t feel good. It feels like we practiced as hard as we did for our debut song! To the point that we could perform this song even if we were dozing off.”

Hayoung summarized their concept with the word “horn,” saying, “It’s the album name, but it also means something pointy and sharp. The concept is powerful and appealing like a ‘horn.'”

Chorong said, “I think that the fact that all the members took part in writing lyrics is the biggest difference [in releasing a special anniversary album]. We poured all of our love and affection into the album and worked hard on each and every song.”

Hayoung said, “Since it’s our first comeback in a while, we want to approach more people with our music. It’s been so long that we’ve greeted people with Apink’s music, so I want to show as much of us as possible. We’d be grateful if you showed us a lot of love and support!”

Son Naeun participated in the album and music video but will not participate in promotions due to scheduling conflicts.

Check out Apink’s MV for “Dilemma” here!

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