THE BOYZ’s Agency Shares Update On Legal Action Against False Rumors And Invasions Of Privacy

On February 26, IST Entertainment released a statement on THE BOYZ’s official fan café about the ongoing legal action against false rumors and invasions of privacy.

Last year, IST Entertainment (then known as Cre.ker) announced that they would take legal action against the spread of false rumors and against sasaengspeople who violate the privacy of an artist.

Their February 26 statement reads:

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank all the fans who are showing so much support for THE BOYZ.

In February 2021, we announced that we were taking legal action against the creation and spread of false rumors.

We received the evidence you sent us regarding this and also internally collected our own evidence. On March 25, 2021, we finished filing our complaint with the criminal investigation authorities through our legal representatives using this evidence of malicious comments and other documentation. On April 30, 2021, we cooperated with the investigation authorities’ request that our legal representatives and the cyber investigative team work together on the police investigation. Afterward, we continued to monitor for more evidence and collected the evidence emailed to us by fans, and so our legal representatives was able to provide our collected proof and documentation review during the investigation.

Although we have announced legal action, our artists continue to suffer mental pain and psychological anxiety from the creation and spread of baseless false rumors, personal insults, and malicious comments. We are collecting this evidence and taking legal action in order to protect our artists’ rights.

In order to achieve powerful results and strengthen the system that protects our artists, we repeat that we will take strong and active action against those who recklessly make malicious posts and spread rumors. We plan to continue collecting evidence and taking strong legal action in multiple rounds in order to properly apply legal responsibility on those who spread false rumors.

Even after we discussed this behavior in a statement on June 22, 2021, there have been multiple invasions of the artists’ private lives, including private spaces (like the dorm, agency offices, hair salons) and conflict with the group’s staff members. This continues to cause mental suffering to the artists and their staff.

We have sent the police the CCTV footage of these people engaging in behavior such as refusing to respond to attempts to stop them and getting in the way during filming or on the road. We actively inform the police as soon as these incidents occur. If this behavior continues and the staff is not able to stop it, then we will take strong and active legal action.

We also request a stop to such behavior as illegally obtaining the artists’ contact information and actively calling and messaging them. We ask that people stop doing things that give selfish benefit at the expense of harm to others and ask for your cooperation so that our artists will not be harmed.

We will do our best to protect our artists’ rights for THE BOYZ and the fans who love THE BOYZ. We ask that you continue to email us evidence of the posting and spread of baseless and false rumors, personal attacks, and malicious comments. We will continue to take strong action with evidence from fans and the evidence we collect.

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