7 Actors And Actresses Who Could Easily Be K-Pop Idols

What makes an idol? The first thing that comes to mind is naturally singing, but other skills and assets also come in handy such as dancing and visuals. These talents are, for our pure entertainment and delight, no strangers to some of Korea’s star actors and actresses. In fact, a selection of these multifaceted artists happen to lend their voices every now and then to many OSTs of their own television and cinema works.

Out of the acting bunch, who could easily be K-pop idols? Let’s find out!

1. Park Bo Gum

When I just got into Hallyu, I thought Park Bo Gum was an idol. And why shouldn’t he be one? He’s got the voice, the looks, and the entertaining skills outside the small screen. In fact, the actor hosted “Music Bank” for more than a year and often serenaded the audience with his mesmerizing vocals. He also lent his voice to the OST of “Love in the Moonlight” where he sang “My Person.” In 2020, Park Bo Gum debuted as a soloist with an album titled “Blue Bird.” I’d say he’s only a step away from being a K-pop idol, although he has already been an idol to his fans throughout his career.

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Labeled the nation’s little sister, Kim Yoo Jung has had a thriving career since she was a child. Naturally, her rich filmography and earned awards bear witness. But that’s not all she has under her belt. In fact, the actress is the proud owner of golden vocals that she has shared with her fans on various occasions throughout the years. “After Love” is one of her songs that is part of the “Love Cells” OST. She’s also blessed with a beautiful face, which could easily make her the visual of a K-pop group.

3. Seo Kang Joon

If you watch any of Seo Kang Joon’s dramas, you’ll know that he has mind-blowing piano skills. He even showcased his dexterity in his role for “Cheese In The Trap,” which happens to be his breakout role. His acting career has been quite active since then, and he shared his unique voice when he recorded “You Are My Love” for his drama “Are You Human Too?” Technically speaking, Seo Kang Joon was part of an actor group called 5urprise. Unlike idol groups who usually turn into actors later, 5urprise debuted as actors and later released a single as a group.

4. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young garnered many leading roles in the past decade. Known for her cuteness, wittiness, and overall hypnotizing persona, it seems like the actress is the perfect candidate to be an idol. Of course, the one thing crowning her idol potential is her soulful voice that she bestowed upon her K-drama OSTs, and there are a handful. She even featured in a song alongside boy group SPEED, so you could say she’s walking in the idols’ footsteps.

5. Park Seo Joon

Another actor whose career largely speaks for itself is Park Seo Joon. Changing his persona with every role he takes on and being blessed with a devoted fandom, it’s fair to say that he has the entertaining potential of an idol. Furthermore, he made a few music video appearances, making him familiar with the music video cinematography process, which is more reminiscent of silent movies. And of course, the number one criterion being his singing abilities, which he has shown time and time again in the OSTs of a selection of his K-dramas.

6. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is another popular actress with a rich filmography who is quite familiar with music video appearances. While there is no sign of her lending her vocals to OSTs, her fan meetings can vouch that she’s got what it takes to wear the idol hat. Moreover, Park Min Young can bust some serious moves, and luckily for her fans, it’s documented as a collab with 1Million Dance Studio dancer and choreographer May J Lee.

7. Ji Chang Wook

If Ji Chang Wook wasn’t an actor, he would fit right in as an idol. In contrast with his action-filled cinematography, the actor has a soothing voice that you can listen to for ages. In fact, he also does musical theater, meaning that his vocals are used for more than just reciting lines. OST-wise, it is fair to say that he participated in almost every K-drama he starred in. And if we were to assess Ji Chang Wook’s physical traits, let’s just say that he’s got it all, and he can easily fill a leader’s position in my opinion. I said what I said.

Honorable Mentions:

Kim So Hyun

Kim Min Jae

Lee Jong Suk

Park Shin Hye

Kim Soo Hyun

Yoo In Na

Which actor or actress do you think can easily be an idol? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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