Kim Jung Hyun Returns To Instagram After 7 Months To Thank Fans For Birthday Wishes And Share Life Update

Kim Jung Hyun has shared his first update on Instagram in nearly seven months.

Last September, Kim Jung Hyun shared a message on Instagram after a hiatus where he discussed his controversies surrounding contract issues with his former agency, that have since been resolved, and his relationship with actress Seo Ye Ji.

After signing with a new agency last year, Kim Jung Hyun announced his return to acting this past January.

On April 7, Kim Jung Hyun returned to Instagram to thank fans for the birthday wishes (Kim Jung Hyun’s birthday was on April 5) and share an update on how he’s been doing. Read his statement below:

Hello, this is Kim Jung Hyun.

I’ve received such undeserved congratulatory wishes.

I thought long and hard about how I could express my feelings and where to share that.

I know that you’ve gotten me presents, put up advertisements, and rented out cafés. Although I knew, I could not easily go to you. I am so sorry, and thank you.

A lot has happened and there has been a lot of changes for me too. I’m not yet sure what kind of image you all see me as. Just as you’ve supported me, I’ve been spending each day learning little by little how to live entirely as myself.

A birthday is just being born, but after gathering the hearts [of those] who always celebrate for me, I’ve thought that although I was simply just born, I can’t simply just live.

This year too, I was able to spend my day receiving lots of support and congratulatory messages. Once again, thank you.

Just so you know, I’ve completed my film well and am preparing my next steps. I will prepare well so I can greet you with a good image.

From #aka Lee Dong Geun [Kim Jung Hyun’s character in his upcoming film]

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Kim Jung Hyun recently wrapped up filming the independent film “Se²cret” (literal translation), where he plays police detective Lee Dong Geun. The film is about a group of people who confront the secrets in their past while investigating a mysterious murder.

Watch Kim Jung Hyun in “Mr. Queen” below:

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