“True Beauty” Webtoon Writer Reveals Which Idols She Has Her Eye On For Inspiration

Webtoon author Yaongyi has shared which idols have recently caught her eye!

The writer, who is best known for her smash hit webtoon “True Beauty,” appeared as a guest on the April 13 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

Describing a real-life personal experience that made it into the webtoon, Yaongyi remarked, “I once went with my older sister to the market dressed in pajamas, and another time, I went wearing full makeup. The second time I went, the cashier at the supermarket said to my older sister, ‘Oh, so you have two younger sisters.'”

The author also mentioned that she tries to stay on top of the latest trends so she can work them into her webtoons and keep them up to date.

Recalling an incident when she accidentally gave her age away through the story, Yaongyi explained, “Season 1 [of ‘True Beauty’] was set in high school. But it had been way too long since I’d graduated high school. So I had these memories of hanging out and having fun with my friends on the rooftop, and I drew cuts of the characters talking and eating together on the roof of their school. But people wrote in the comments, ‘What schools open their roofs [to students] these days? No one does that anymore.’ I was really shocked when I saw that.”

In order to keep an eye on fashion and beauty trends, Yaongyi revealed that she often turns to idols for inspiration.

“Webtoon updates are published every week,” she said, “so I try to have them reflect what’s in fashion at that moment in time. In terms of the characters’ clothing and makeup, I try to work those trends in, so I frequently use idols as a reference.”

When asked which idols she has her eye on right now, Yaongyi replied, “[IVE’s] Jang Won Young and [NMIXX’s] Sullyoon. They’re both pretty. Men like them too, and they’re popular abroad as well.”

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