Chae Jong Hyeop And Park Ju Hyun Gear Up For A Badminton Match In New Romance Drama “Love All Play”

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama has unveiled new stills of its lead actors Chae Jong Hyeop and Park Ju Hyun!

“Love All Play”” is a new sports romance drama about a man and a woman who play mixed doubles on a badminton works team. Chae Jong Hyeop will star as Park Tae Joon, who only thinks of badminton as his job, while Park Ju Hyun will play Park Tae Yang, a former aspiring Olympian who only lives for sports.

The newly released stills show Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Joon having a badminton match. According to the production team, this is the scene where Park Tae Joon has an interview to become a badminton instructor.

Unlike Park Tae Yang, Park Tae Joon only views badminton as a job and nothing more. He likes to go home on the dot as well as keep his weekends free. After quitting his team for some reason, he tries to look for a position as a badminton instructor to make ends meet. So he ends up at the gym run by Park Tae Yang’s father Park Man Soo (Jeon Bae Soo).

Park Man Soo suggests Park Tae Joon have a badminton match against Park Tae Yang. As a result, the two athletes, who have completely different viewpoints of the sport, will engage in a competitive game. Meanwhile, Park Man Soo watches them with keen eyes as tension raises through the roof.

It is also said that this is Park Tae Joon and Park Tae Yang’s second meeting. It’s intriguing how they will engage in a badminton match just after meeting twice, and fans can look forward to how their relationship will take a romantic turn in the future.

“Love All Play” premieres on April 20 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Jeon Bae Soo in “Mr. Queen“:

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