Chae Jong Hyeop And Park Ju Hyun Pick Key Points To Look Forward To Ahead Of “Love All Play” Premiere

Ahead of the premiere of “Love All Play,” leads Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop shared key points to look out for in the drama!

KBS2’s “Love All Play” is a new sports romance drama about a man and a woman who play mixed doubles on a badminton works team Yunis. Chae Jong Hyeop will star as Park Tae Joon, who only thinks of badminton as his job, while Park Ju Hyun will play Park Tae Yang, a former aspiring Olympian who only lives for sports.

Here are the key points to look forward to in “Love All Play,” as chosen by the drama’s leads!

Park Ju Hyun: “The competition filled with non-stop action and the puppy love!”

As the drama’s key points, Park Ju Hyun chose, “The works team’s competition scenes filled with non-stop action, and the puppy love story that blooms within that.” She explained, “As all the actors prepared not only badminton for this drama but also several different aspects over a long period of time, I hope viewers enjoyably watch the chemistry created by the diverse characters.”

To viewers, the actress commented, “Although we’ve prepared [the drama] since the cold winter, this is a very heartwarming drama. We’ve tried to make it so that viewers will also feel that warmth, so I hope you enjoyably watch this warm story that suits spring well. I want to quickly show you Tae Yang.”

Chae Jong Hyeop: “A romance that perfectly suits this spring and will automatically draw you in.”

Chae Jong Hyeop shared, “The story of a badminton works team that has never been dealt with before will be interesting. As it captures the story of youth competitively going head-to-head for love and their dreams, I think viewers will be automatically drawn in. I hope you look forward to the competitions with non-stop action that the actors diligently filmed, as well as the romance that perfectly suits this spring.”

Lastly, Chae Jong Hyeop commented, “The premiere of ‘Love All Play’ is only a day away. We’re diligently and enjoyably filming, so I hope you wait for and look forward to it just a little bit longer. Please give the Yunis team lots of love and support.”

“Love All Play” premieres on April 20 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

While you wait, start watching Chae Jong Hyeop in “The Witch’s Diner” below!

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