Watch: VIVIZ, Kep1er, And Hyolyn Close Out Cover Battle On “Queendom 2” + Round 2 Rankings Revealed

“Queendom 2” has concluded its second round and revealed new rankings!

On the April 21 broadcast of Mnet’s idol competition show “Queendom 2,” VIVIZ, Kep1er and Hyolyn closed out the Round 2 cover battle.

Last weekWJSN covered “Navillera” by GFRIEND (VIVIZ), meaning VIVIZ had to perform one of WJSN’s songs. The trio chose “UNNATURAL,” preparing a very bold performance that is a bit different from their usual concept. Eunha expressed worry about this, confessing, “When I first saw the draft video, I thought, ‘Do I really have to do this? Is this real life?'”

Following their performance, Eunha shed tears after making a mistake during the choreography portion that she focused on most. She shared, “Since I know that I’m someone who isn’t good at dancing, whenever I feel that I’m lacking, it’s so upsetting.”

Watch VIVIZ’s cover of WJSN’s “UNNATURAL” below!

The fifth performer was Kep1er, who was assigned to cover Brave Girls. As the groups to be covered were chosen by ranking, Kep1er and Brave Girls matched up automatically after they were not picked by the first two teams.

Kim Da Yeon commented, “What is worrisome is that [Brave Girls] have a lot of songs with a very mature vibe. We’re all young. How many babies do we have?” referring to the many underage members in Kep1er.

While deciding which Brave Girls song to perform, Kep1er called Brave Girls to directly ask for advice and learn more about their song “We Ride.”

Eventually, Kep1er settled on Brave Girls’ “Pool Party” as well as their smash hit “Rollin’.” Their exciting performance was met with high praise, with Brave Girls’ Minyoung sharing, “It was a performance I watched enjoyably because they showcased a color that we cannot exude.”

On the other hand, the members of Kep1er expressed disappointment and shed tears about Kim Da Yeon falling off the stage during their performance. Rather than focusing on her injuries, Kim Da Yeon shared that she felt more responsible for making a mistake. Choi Yu Jin also explained that she couldn’t properly finish her choreography because the bubbles had gotten on her shoe and she tearfully commented, “We all prepared very diligently, but I made a mistake.”

Watch Kep1er’s “Pool Party (Rollin’ Right Now)” performance here!

Last to take the stage was last week’s champion Hyolyn, who chose to cover a song by LOONA. Before her performance, Hyolyn shared, “Thankfully, I received first place for Round 1, but since I was first, I had so many worries because of the pressure that I had to show a much better performance in Round 2.”

Since she chose to cover LOONA, it meant that Hyolyn had to be responsible for a performance originally meant for 12 members. She decided on a cat woman concept and explained, “Although cat woman is not a villain, she has a villain-like vibe. I want to express the song’s message in a bold and villainous way.”

Following her jaw-dropping performance, WJSN’s Eunseo stated, “I’m really sorry, but [Hyolyn] is first place.”

Catch Hyolyn’s cover of “So What” by LOONA here!

After all six Round 2 performances, the new rankings were calculated and announced. First to be announced were the group’s self-evaluations, where they chose which team ranked above them and which team ranked below them.

WJSN put Hyolyn above them and LOONA below them, with Exy explaining, “All the teams’ performances were so good, but if I’m to nitpick, [LOONA’s] performance was one without any standout points.”

While LOONA did not choose a team above them, they chose Kep1er as the team ranking below. Yves shared, “Their props, concept, and performance composition were all similar to us. From the audience’s perspective, we thought that our story was a little easier to follow and we think that we did a bit better.”

Kep1er, Brave Girls, Hyolyn, and VIVIZ all did not rank a team above them, but Kep1er and Brave Girls both ranked WJSN below them. Hyolyn and VIVIZ picked Brave Girls as the team ranking below them, with Hyolyn commenting “I wanted to see Brave Girls’ unique color and charm today, but I wasn’t able to see that.”

For the second consecutive round, Hyolyn took first place for the new global vote, earning a perfect score of 3000 points. She was followed by LOONA, VIVIZ, WJSN, Kep1er, and Brave Girls.

Lastly, the live audience vote results were revealed. Due to its high stakes, the voting in this category could easily change the final rankings.

Following the final calculations for Round 2, Hyolyn took first place again with 10,000 points. In second was LOONA (6,432), followed by WJSN (5,397), VIVIZ (4,433), Kep1er (4,031), and Brave Girls (2,961).

“Queendom 2” airs on Thursdays at 9:20 p.m. KST and is available for live global streaming on Mnet’s YouTube channel.

Catch up with last week’s episode here!

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