7 Intriguing K-Pop MVs That Adopted Futuristic Concepts

K-pop has been around for several decades, and it continues to evolve as time passes. Out of the visual themes that have seen the light of day, the adoption of futuristic concepts has always been intriguing, especially given the anticipation of how the world progresses and how close these cinematographies are to predicting the distant future.

Without further ado, here are seven K-pop music videos that adopted futuristic concepts.

1. VIXX – “Error”

VIXX makes use of artificial intelligence in this epic love story. The plot revolves around Hongbin who attempts to bring his late partner back to life as a cyborg and successfully achieves it. Unfortunately, the couple’s happy ending is cut short when their reunion is jeopardized by a group of men in black. It seems like it was an error to proceed with such a delicate operation in a world that adamantly fights it!

2. AleXa – “Do Or Die”

AleXa’s earlier cinematography mainly focused on artificial intelligence. In this track, it seems like different versions of herself are fighting one another, and each version has a certain distinctive robotic feature, some more disturbing than others. In a fight for survival, the artist is staying true to her “Do Or Die” motto.

3. EXO’s Kai – “Mmmh”

Kai’s solo debut is nothing short of mind-blowing, and the scenery he chose for his music video fits the advanced technology theme perfectly. While the idol is serenading hearts and rocking moves, his background shows a futuristic city with flying vehicles, drones, and lots of plugs practically everywhere. Add to that Kai’s glitching as he appears and disappears mid-performance, which looks like high-quality holograms!


2NE1 takes things up a notch, showing us not only a futuristic universe but also a post-apocalyptic one. A virtual program is recruiting citizens with promises of a heaven-like life. They put them to sleep while plugging them into a simulated but far from accurate paradise, further disconnecting them from the real world. In this music video, the quartet teams up to put an end to this masquerade and bring the population back home.

5. ONF – “Beautiful Beautiful”

ONF is incessantly watched, chased, and caught while living in an insanely wired world. The members continuously rebel against the system and its high tech, which seems to be doing more harm than good, all while living their best lives. Optimistic and courageous, they eventually turn things to their advantage and put an end to the fight. To be able to drag a whole army of robots to dance along is truly something beautiful to witness!

6. aespa – “Girls”

SM’s most recent girl group has adopted futurism as their overall concept with their AI counterparts making up the second half of their group. This being said, it’s only natural if they feature bits of it in all of their music videos. With “Girls” being their latest comeback, the members are shown being part of a game, metaverse style, only they are playing for their survival in the real world.

7. B.I Feat. DeVita – “BTBT”

B.I is yet another artist that embraces the theme in his videography, except this time no one is attacking the ultra-modern city. Instead, he takes us on a jolly ride around in the company of friends and a potential love interest. For some reason, one can assume (and hope) that the vibe of the music video seemingly mirrors B.I’s current life since he looks so relaxed and happy.

Honorable mentions:

SuperM’s “Jopping,” NCT 127’s “Superhuman,” and MIRAE’s “KILLA.”

Which K-pop music video has adopted the coolest futuristic concept? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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