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Hyun Bin has talked about his upcoming film “Confidential Assignment 2” in a new interview with Sports Chosun!

The upcoming action film is the sequel to “Confidential Assignment,” which was about a North Korean detective named Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and a South Korean detective named Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) teaming up to catch a criminal.

The sequel film “Confidential Assignment 2: International” follows Rim Chul Ryung heading back to South Korea in pursuit of a brutal and secret criminal organization. He teams up again with Kang Jin Tae, who volunteers to work with the North Korean in order to get back on the investigation team after a mistake landed him in the cyber crime department.

Reflecting on the beginning stages of the sequel, Hyun Bin revealed, “‘Confidential Assignment’ received a lot of love from the audience. That’s why when I first heard that ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ was being produced, I said that I would also participate if the [original] cast members all returned. Everyone was on the same page.”

Hyun Bin elaborated on the changes in the new movie, sharing, “The difference from the first film is that in the first movie, Rim Chul Ryung getting revenge for his wife was the important story. In ‘Confidential Assignment 2,’ there are relaxed aspects in every sense. I wanted to show him getting used to South Korea.”

The sequel will feature Hyun Bin’s reunion with Yoo Hae Jin and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, and his collaboration with new cast members Daniel Henney and Jin Sun Kyu. Daniel Henney plays Jack, an FBI detective from the United States who is on the trail of a North Korean criminal organization, while Jin Sun Kyu plays Jang Myung Joon, the leader of this organization. YoonA plays Park Min Young, the sister-in-law of Kang Jin Tae who has a lot of affection for Rim Chul Ryung.

Hyun Bin discussed his chemistry with each of his co-stars, starting with Yoo Hae Jin, saying, “I think Yoo Hae Jin’s comment was spot-on. There was a comfortable familiarity [in working together again]. As we filmed with a comfortable atmosphere, we were able to share our ideas much more easily. I think those aspects will be shown a lot on screen.”

Although Daniel Henney is new to the “Confidential Assignment” series, Hyun Bin has previously worked with the actor in the 2004 drama “My Lovely Sam Soon.” Hyun Bin commented, “Interestingly, even though we hadn’t spoken in a long time, we were able to return to how we were in the past really quickly. We filmed enjoyably while talking about our individual works.”

Regarding Jin Sun Kyu, Hyun Bin shared, “Although he comes out as a villain, he himself is a warm and kind person. The process of Jin Sun Kyu creating a villain who contrasts his personality was interesting and fun. He made a point to diligently create [the character] until the end. I really remember his strong determination.”

On his reunion with YoonA, Hyun Bin remarked, “I heard that the first film ‘Confidential Assignment’ was her screen debut. At that time, there was a level of comfort, and I think she tried to showcase an even more upgraded image in ‘Confidential Assignment 2.’ I think she’s an incredibly clever actress. She learns while endlessly being hard on herself and in that aspect, she’s a junior actress I want to watch over for a long time.”

After the hit 2019 drama “Crash Landing on You,” Hyun Bin has now starred in two consecutive projects where he plays a North Korean, leaving viewers to assume that he has perfected the dialect and vocabulary.

“I learned North Korean for about three months for ‘Confidential Assignment 2,'” Hyun Bin revealed. “The North Korean in ‘Confidential Assignment’ is slightly different from ‘Crash Landing on You.’ During ‘Crash Landing on You,’ I tried to erase the North Korean of ‘Confidential Assignment,’ and now it’s the opposite. While this is work that I obviously have to do as an actor, I tried to work hard on my own.”

As he’s adopted roles as a North Korean numerous times and to lots of success, there are even sayings that a project is bound to do well if Hyun Bin acts in it using North Korean dialect. “These kinds of expectations are incredibly burdensome,” Hyun Bin responded. He shared his hopes that “Confidential Assignment 2” does as well as the saying suggests and added, “I also don’t know how I ended up in consecutive roles using North Korean dialect. It’s interesting. Right now, I just want ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ to receive lots of love.”

While Hyun Bin has portrayed a wide variety of roles throughout his career, it’s still rare to find him in the comedy genre. He teased that “Confidential Assignment 2” has an upgraded level of comedy and shared, “I don’t know what the standard is to letting yourself go [for comedic purposes]. If I’m able to showcase a new image, I want to try comedy in the future.”

Hyun Bin continued, “A lot of comedic aspects come out from Rim Chul Ryung when he’s with Kang Jin Tae’s family. It’s an image that can come out because there’s built-in comfort between the two of them. Although the circumstances weren’t right for ‘Confidential Assignment,’ I’m satisfied that I was able to show a lot of comedic aspects in ‘Confidential Assignment 2.'”

“Confidential Assignment 2: International” hits theaters on September 7. Check out a trailer here!

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