7 Groovy RM Collabs That Should Not Be Missed

Kim Namjoon is a man of many talents: a rapper, singer-songwriter, and a producer. Under his monicker RM, he has blessed us with a versatile music portfolio from his contributions as the leader of BTS to his own solo endeavors, and let’s not forget his memorable collaborations throughout the years. As he further delved into his solo career, he teamed up with a handful of epic artists, soloists, and groups alike. Some of them include MFBTY, Wale, Fall Out Boy, and the list is long. Better yet, his official solo debut is scheduled on December 2 with his first album “Indigo.” This means that more collaborations are on the way with the most-anticipated work of all time being none other than with Epik High’s Tablo.

On the off chance that you may have missed some of these, here is a selection of groovy RM collabs for your entertainment.

Primary feat. Kwon Jin Ah, RM – “U”

How many times do we get to see RM’s soft side? Not nearly enough! In one of his earliest collaborations, the rapper pens romantic lyrics that warm the heart and swoon the soul using musical comparisons. And his raspy voice beautifully complements Kwon Jin Ah’s soft vocals, giving us rom-com vibes.

“You keep featuring in my daily life
This is my solo album,
why do you keep interfering in every track?
You keep on scratchin, you rappin,
you beatin my whole life
Confessing my love? I don’t know”

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko feat. RM – “Gajah”

Collaborating with one of the greatest names in Korean hip hop is one thing, but being asked for a collaboration by one is a whole new level of flex. According to Gaeko, he chose RM for this duet because of his voice as well as his tone. Listening to this beat with RM giving us his valuable two cents on life as we know it is the cherry on the cake.

“Life it just, it just, comes through
We ain’t never ever want to
We’re all forcibly-selected players
You don’t choose life chose you
The world is a “mono” that’s pretending to be colored
Cuz everything so gray
The night is even longer than the Nile river
And our sadness is ambiguous”

Drunken Tiger feat. RM – “Timeless”

If there was a competition for featuring alongside your role models, RM would be sweeping prizes left and right. In this one, RM pays homage to Drunken Tiger with moving lyrics that address him as a mentor and a father figure. Enthusiastically describing what it was like to grow up listening to Drunken Tiger actually brought the veteran rapper to tears.

“Your whole life was a damn concert
Whether you like it or not you raised another monster
This album be the last but it will forever last
Things gon’ be a past but fest post to be fast
Hope it for the best but see you already blessed
All you spit was blast so don’t you worry dad
You ain’t dead”

Lil Nas X feat. RM – “Seoul Town Road” (Remix)

Even when RM’s lyrics are too little, they still say so much. In this remix of Lil Nas X’s viral “Old Town Road,” RM opens with a witty pun and introduces homi, one of Korea’s hottest and most ergonomic garden hoes. Leave it to BTS to introduce various facets of Korean culture to the world!

“I got the homis in my bag (Yeah)
Have you heard of that? (Yeah)
Homis made of steel, from Korea, they the be-e-est

Ridin’ to the farm (Huh)
Grabbin’ all the corn (Huh)
We gon’ get yo’ money with my homi in your backyard”

Younha feat. RM – “Winter Flower”

Are we even surprised at this point that RM has a song with every artist he looks up to? Younha joins the star-studded lineup of collaborators and serves us yet another goosebump-worthy bop. RM joins in with his verse, vividly describing the agonizing side of life and how everyone shares the same hardships.

“They say life is full of paradox
All you gotta do is gettin’ used to this marathon

“Do you think the world is harsh on you only?
Everyone has it hard”
To the grown up you
Those words can’t be your consolation”

eAeon feat. RM – “Don’t”

Just like he writes about love and life so well, RM seems to be an expert in heartbreak as well. Using the sea and moon as metaphors for a dying relationship, the artist sing-raps about this bitter experience and painfully draws the dying hope of getting back the person through his lyrics.

“What color are waves
White as snow when they break
Did you survive the drift ok
Still as a pebble, could you stay
Turn on the moon
In my small chimney, could you stay
Don’t take that name away, the one only you know

Balming Tiger feat. RM – “Sexy Nukim”

Another tiger, a different vibe. Just in case you ever doubted RM’s sexiness, now we have undeniable proof. The entire song is a mood, and the overall lyrics convey the same message: the boys are feeling themselves in this earworm, and since this feature is about RM, here is a shoutout to how he carries himself in the live version of the song.

“Girl you can keep it low
While we do the ride
I’ll apply you tonight
Ain’t gotta DM
‘Cause you heard about my team”

Which groovy RM collab is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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