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It’s hard to believe that “Love is for Suckers” has already come to an end! To commemorate the drama that warmed viewers’ hearts while also providing some good laughs, the cast gave their final remarks as the curtain closed on yet another successful project.

ENA’s “Love is for Suckers” is a romantic comedy starring Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon as two best friends who have known each other for 20 years. When they meet as the producing director (PD) and a cast member of a reality dating show, they unexpectedly begin to develop romantic feelings for one another.

Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon along with Jo Soo Hyang, Park Yeon Woo, Lee Ju Yeon, Min Jin Woong, Noh Susanna, and Lee Dae Hwi came together to express gratitude toward the hard-working cast and crew and give their final remarks on such a memorable series.

Lee Da Hee started off by saying, “I want to say thank you to the director and all of the staff who worked extremely hard over the last six months. I think that as I played the role of PD Goo Yeo Reum, I came to once again think about love, friendship, and my relationships with people. Thank you once again to everyone who watched ‘Love is for Suckers’ and showed lots of love for PD Goo Yeo Reum.”

Choi Siwon compared the happiness and joy he felt working on “Love is for Suckers” to that of a happy memory made on a summer night. He was also sure to thank the show’s director, his fellow actors, and the many staff members for helping him to bring the character of Park Jae Hoon to life. “I want to let all of the viewers who loved ‘Love is for Suckers’ know just how sincerely thankful I am. I’ll work hard to come back with even better projects, so I hope you will watch me until then.”

Jo Soo Hyang, who played Kang Chae Ri, said, “This was a project we worked on through the hot summer all the way up until the weather became chilly. I still can’t believe the fact that it’s over and that it is already winter.”

Park Yeon Woo, who took on the role of Chef John Jang, spoke about the fond memories from the filming set, saying how the feelings and memories he had on set still linger despite how the show is already coming to an end. “I really want to work with the set crew and actors again someday,” he said, finishing his remarks with his hopes for the future.

Lee Ju Yeon expressed a lot of mixed emotions as she talked about the drama coming to an end, saying how she feels a sense of emptiness but also sentimental and affectionate for the drama and the friends she made along the way. “I’m so thankful to have been able to play Han Ji Yeon in ‘Love is for Suckers.’ I feel so much affection for ‘Love is for Suckers’ and Han Ji Yeon that it’s really sad to have to let them go, but at the same time, I feel as though I need to let them go quickly. I think that I will remember Han Ji Yeon, who was cool and more than I deserved, for a very long time.”

Min Jin Woong, who played Park Dae Sik, expressed just as much thanks to the drama’s director Choi Kyu Sik with whom he worked on the series “Drinking Solo” back in 2016. “I want to express my sincerest thanks once again to all of the staff and my co-workers who have worked hard since the gorgeous days of spring up until this season when the chilly air is blowing. More than anything else, it’s thanks to the viewers who have been with us throughout the entire series. I will meet you all again in another great work.”

After that, Noh Susanna, who took on the role of Oh Hye Jin, commented, “There were a lot of lines that I could relate to as someone in their late 30s, so every time the script came out, I had a fun time reading it, and because the filming set was so great, I always went feeling very excited.” She added, “Everyone who was a part of ‘Love is for Suckers’ worked so hard, and I hope that we can meet again next time.”

Finally, Lee Dae Hwi, who played Kim Sang Woo, expressed his gratitude in being able to play such a memorable character through “Love is for Suckers.”

He shared, “I think that I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to work with such great senior actors and staff on set. Through this drama, I began to think about how I wanted to meet viewers through even more diverse works. I will become an even more hard-working actor, so please cheer me on.”

Lastly, the production team commented by saying, “The production team felt so happy and honored to work with these amazing actors who always held nothing back and gave their best.”

Even though “Love is for Suckers” may have ended, you can still relive all of the funny and heartwarming moments now on Viki!

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