Watch: ATEEZ Takes 1st Win For “HALAZIA” On “Music Bank”; Performances By Moonbin&Sanha, WayV, And More

The January 6 broadcast of “Music Bank” featured NewJeans’s “Ditto” and ATEEZ’s “HALAZIA” as candidates for first place. ATEEZ took their first win for “HALAZIA” with 8,793 points over 4,556 points for “Ditto.”

This week’s performers include ATEEZ, DKZ, H1-KEY, TO1, WayV, WeNU, woo!ah!, Moonbin&Sanha (ASTRO), Park Hyeon Seo, Bumjin, ILY:1, Espero, Lee A Young, and Double Decker.

Watch this week’s performances below:

Lee A Young – “Our love was a folly”

WeNU – “Haru Haru”

ILY:1 – “Twinkle, Twinkle”

Double Decker – “I Wish This Was Love”

Espero – “Endless”

Bumjin – “We’ll remain a novel”

H1-KEY – “Rose Blossom”

Park Hyeon Seo – “It’ll Be Okay”

DKZ – “2022 (Forever)”

woo!ah! – “Rollercoaster”

TO1 – “Troublemaker”

WayV – “Phantom”

Moonbin&Sanha – “Chup Chup” and “Madness”

ATEEZ – “Cyberpunk” and “HALAZIA”

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