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A new teaser has been revealed for Part 2 of “K-pop Generation”!

TVING’s “K-pop Generation” introduces a new format of “factual entertainment” by adding archiving and dramatization to a documentary. Part 1 of the documentary premiered in January and featured representative K-pop stars like Kangta, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, SHINee‘s Minho, 2PM, Highlight, EXO‘s Suho, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, NCT‘s Doyoung, Stray Kids, TXT, AleXa, ENHYPEN, and many more.

In the documentary’s main teaser for Part 2 is another batch of top stars who delve into public perception of idols and how limitless K-pop truly is. The clip starts with artists like BoA, Sunmi, LE SSERAFIM, and IVE explaining their positive reactions to negative comments. Referring to a comment about her ninth album “Woman,” BoA recalls, “For BoA, this is weak.”

Sunmi also shares a memorable comment, saying, “[Someone said] ‘A beautifully crazy woman.’ I like it.” LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon explains, “Since I have pride and a competitive spirit, I become more headstrong when I receive criticism.”

To discuss the affects of public comments about idols’ appearances, Jang Won Young sits down with her IVE members and shares, “You know the pretty parts you personally see when loving yourself?” She adds, “We receive criticism even from unwanted places.”

An anonymous individual critiques, “I believe it’s negligence if [idols] cannot take care of their physical appearance.” Regarding this, 2AM’s Jo Kwon comments, “If we do not meet expectations, they criticize us so harshly.” Another anonymous person shares, “If an idol gets married and has a child, they cannot be an idol.” Former Wonder Girls member Sunye, who has returned to the entertainment industry after marrying and starting a family, shares her perspective on this, saying “People like me who have gotten married can still do the work they enjoy.”

The third anonymous individual comments, “Being an idol is a career where you’re shown.” SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi remarks, “While K-pop is music you listen to, people really love music that’s seen.” As one of SEVENTEEN’s 13 members, Hoshi explains, “[Our] formations are insane. We basically run around on stage.”

Later, Simeez and Rian of dance crew La Chica appear to talk about their work on the visual aspect of K-pop. Simeez, who choreographed IVE’s hit “LOVE DIVE,” states simply, “The strength of K-pop is performance.” Rian, who made the choreography to BoA’s “Better,” adds, “We carefully choreograph with the three of us [La Chica members] racking our brains.” Thinking back to when she was first introduced to her physically demanding “Better” choreography, BoA comments with a sigh, “Do I really have to walk upside down?” She then adds with a laugh, “But once I tried it, I could do it.”

To expand on K-pop’s recent venture into AI idols, SuperKind’s SiO introduces his group which is made up of both real people and AI characters. He comments, “Since there is no limit to our story world, I want to try promoting with a variety of concepts.” Sunmi adds of this technology, “As this is a new challenge, I also find it very fun.”

Watch the full teaser below and check out Part 2 when it premieres on March 16!

Start watching Part 1 of “K-pop Generation” with subtitles here!

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