Watch: A Simple Decision Leads To Kim Seo Hyung's Beautiful Collapse In Teasers For Upcoming Thriller Drama

Kim Seo Hyung’s upcoming drama “Pale Moon” has unveiled new teasers!

Based on the Japanese novel “Kami no Tsuki” by Mitsuyo Kakuta, Genie TV’s “Pale Moon” is a suspense thriller drama about a woman named Yoo Yi Hwa who has lived a comfortable life without deprivation and desire. Her ordinary but suffocating daily life becomes irrevocably twisted as she starts working as a contract employee at a bank.

Kim Seo Hyung will star as Yoo Yi Hwa, a housewife whose husband doesn’t seem interested in her. Feeling bored, she gets a job as a contract employee at a savings bank and gradually regains her confidence. However, she unexpectedly begins to embezzle the VIP customers’ money, causing her to get tangled up in an irreversible catastrophe.

The drama’s latest poster captures Yoo Yi Hwa in her work uniform on the subway. Her solemn expression perfectly matches the statement on the poster that reads, “Abandoning my real self for fake happiness.”

“Pale Moon” has also shared a new preview that teases the “beautiful collapse” of Yoo Yi Hwa’s life. As her life becomes consumed by repeated encounters with a mysterious man, Yoo Yi Hwa asks him, “If god were to grant you a wish, what would you wish for?” He responds, “For us to not meet again.”

Yoo Yi Hwa’s life takes another turn when she begins to embezzle her VIP customers’ money. While this leaves her laughing heartily in one moment, she’s left silent and deep in thought while clutching onto a wad of bills in the next.

Watch the new teaser below!

“Pale Moon” premieres this April and will be available via Genie TV, ENA, and TVING. Catch a different teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Kim Seo Hyung in “SKY Castle” below:

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