Watch: EXO’s Sehun, Jo Joon Young, And Jang Yeo Bin Perfectly Reflect Their “All That We Loved” Characters’ Friendship During Poster Shoot

TVING has shared a look at the poster shoots for “All That We Loved”!

“All That We Loved” is a teen romance drama about the love triangle that forms when two best friends—one of whom has donated a kidney to the other—both fall for the same transfer student in high school.

EXO’s Sehun stars as Go Yoo, an energetic basketball star who likes to skip class, while Jo Joon Young plays his best friend Go Joon Hee, a chic but reserved top student. Jang Yeo Bin plays the role of Han So Yeon, a mysterious and beautiful transfer student who steals both of their hearts.

After introducing himself, Sehun shares of his poster concept, “As this is a youth drama, there are obviously school uniforms. Fitting for Go Yoo, I plan to continue the shoot with a basketball.”

On his individual poster shoot, Jo Joon Young comments, “To my knowledge, Joon Hee will read books to reflect his personality, wear a uniform as he is a student, and there are also other everyday outfits.” Following her photo shoot, Jang Yeo Bin shares, “I think the [key] points are So Yeon’s calm and aloof concept, as well as her harmony with Go Yoo and Joon Hee.”

Jo Joon Young reveals, “About two to three weeks after the drama’s final filming, the actors have gathered for the poster shoot. It feels like we’re filming again so it’s fun and exciting, and I’m happy to meet with Joon Hee for the first time in awhile.”

During one of the trio’s shoots, the photographer asks Sehun to do something cool and Jo Joon Young adds, “Something cool because you’re in the 10th year [of your career].” Sehun confidently responds, “I’m a pro.” Later, the actors switch up their outfits and concept for a different group poster.

After sharing their excitement for the upcoming drama, the three lead actors ask viewers for lots of love. At the end of the video, Sehun and Jo Joon Young play a balance game to test their real-life chemistry. Without much hesitation, the two match on five of the six questions and quickly explain, “We didn’t plan this!”

Check out the final posters here and here, and watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

The first two episodes of TVING’s “All That We Loved” premiere on May 5 and will be available on Viki!

Check out a teaser with English subtitles below:

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