Watch: BTS’s Jimin And SHINee’s Taemin Show Off Friendship With #HARDChallenge + SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Becomes Successful Fan

BTS’s Jimin is the latest celebrity to get in on SHINee’s new dance challenge!

On July 7, SHINee posted a fun video of Jimin and Taemin—who are famously close friends—dancing together to their new title track “HARD.”

Earlier this week, SHINee also shared a heartwarming video of Taemin dancing with SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, who has often spoken about being a huge fan of SHINee before his debut.

Adorably, Hoshi kicks off his challenge by proving himself a true fan: the idol shows off his signed copy of SHINee’s 2008 album “AMIGO” from 15 years ago, which was signed by none other than Taemin (and personally addressed to “Soonyoung,” Hoshi’s given name).

SHINee also previously shared videos of themselves taking on the “HARD” challenge together with many other stars, including LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae; Taemin’s SuperM bandmates EXO’s Baekhyun, NCT’s Taeyong, Mark, and Ten; ATEEZ’s San and Seonghwa; aespa’s Karina and Winter; ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki; TREASURE’s Jihoon and Doyoung; NMIXX’s Sullyoon; NCT’s Jungwoo and Chenle; Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon; Apink’s Hayoung and Namjoo; former NU’EST member Ren; ZE:A’s Kwanghee; JaeJae; and the “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) cast.

Check them out below!

EXO’s Baekhyun

LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae

Apink’s Hayoung and Namjoo

ATEEZ’s San and Seonghwa

NCT’s Taeyong

aespa’s Karina and Winter

TREASURE’s Jihoon and Doyoung

NMIXX’s Sully0on and NCT’s Jungwoo

NCT’s Mark and Chenle


Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

NCT’s Ten



ZE:A’s Kwanghee

“Home Alone” cast

Which “HARD” challenge was your favorite?

Watch SHINee’s Key on “Home Alone” with subtitles on Viki below:

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