The stars of MBC’s “Numbers” have shared their thoughts as the drama winds to a close!

A suspenseful revenge drama set against the backdrop of a major accounting firm, “Numbers” starred INFINITE’s Kim Myung Soo (L) as Jang Ho Woo, the first accountant without a college degree to join the prestigious Taeil Accounting Firm.

“As ‘Numbers’ marked my return to acting after my military discharge, it was an especially meaningful drama for me, and I’m grateful for it,” shared Kim Myung Soo. “I met a really great cast and crew [through the drama], and I was able to film happily while having fun.”

He continued, “I think I spent a lot of time pondering how to make the profession of accounting and all the accounting lingo easily approachable. I hope that this drama made it a little easier for people to approach the profession of accountant, which might have been unapproachable before.”

Kim Myung Soo went on, “I’d like to pay my respects to everyone working in our nation’s accounting industry. Thank you to all the viewers who have shown us love up until now. I’ll greet you again with a new side of myself in my next project.”

Choi Jin Hyuk starred in the drama as Han Seung Jo, a hotshot accountant who initially seemed to be Jang Ho Woo’s polar opposite in every way.

Looking back on his portrayal of the character, Choi Jin Hyuk remarked, “Because Seung Jo is a character with a complicated backstory, I wanted to portray him in a three-dimensional way. I think I spent the entire time we were filming the drama pondering how to make ‘Numbers’ even more fun to watch. While I do have some regrets, I think I personally learned a lot from filming the drama.”

The actor humbly continued, “I’ll remember the drama even more because I was able to work happily together with an amazing staff, and I really want to express my gratitude to them. I’d also like to sincerely thank all the viewers who tuned in. I will work hard in the future to become an actor whose acting is sincere and honest.”

Choi Min Soo, who starred in the drama as Han Je Gyun, spoke fondly of his experience working on the series.

“While filming ‘Numbers,’ our cast and crew all became extremely close, and I think the fruit of those relationships has remained very meaningful,” said the veteran actor. “Everyone worked really hard, and I hope that many viewers will remember watching ‘Numbers’ as an enjoyable time.”

Choi Min Soo jokingly added, “Han Je Gyun was so stylish, and the fact that I won’t need to wear a suit starting tomorrow makes it truly sink in that filming is over. I guess starting tomorrow, I’ll be traveling around by bicycle?”

Yeonwoo, who played the role of Jin Yeon Ah, commented, “It was an honor to be able to work together with such a great cast, crew, director, and writer. I really learned a lot on the filming set, and while I do feel sad that the drama is ending, I also feel bittersweet remembering how hard we worked together during filming.”

She went on to add, “I’d like to thank all the viewers who gave their love and support to ‘Numbers’ and Jin Yeon Ah up until now.”

Finally, Kim Yoo Ri—who played the role of Jang Ji Soo—recalled, “From days so cold that our faces froze to days so hot that it was hard just standing outside, many people toiled away together on the filming set and also behind the scenes, and I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who worked so hard on this drama. I’m grateful that I was able to meet such great people and work together with them.”

She concluded, “I’d also like to sincerely thank everyone who tuned in to ‘Numbers’ and gave the drama their interest and attention.”

You can binge-watch all of “Numbers” with subtitles on Viki below!

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