Namgoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, And Lee Hak Joo All Have Different Reactions To The News Of War In

How will the the Qing invasion shake up the lives of the four main characters on MBC’s “My Dearest”?

“My Dearest” is a new historical romance drama about star-crossed lovers whose fates become twisted due to the Qing invasion of Joseon. Namgoong Min stars as Lee Jang Hyun, a man who has declared that he will not get married, while Ahn Eun Jin will play Yoo Gil Chae, a noblewoman who dreams of finding love again even after two failed marriages.


On the first two episodes of “My Dearest,” a love quadrangle formed between Lee Jang Hyun, Yoo Gil Chae, Nam Yeon Joon (Lee Hak Joo), and Kyung Eun Ae (Lee Da In). Meanwhile, Lee Jang Hyun and Nam Yeon Joon got into a heated public argument due to their vastly different political opinions on the Qing-Joseon relationship.

At the end of the second episode, Lee Jang Hyun and Yoo Gil Chae were about to share a tender moment when shocking news arrived: the Qing had invaded.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, the four leads react to the news of war. Nam Yeon Joon, who has cast aside his traditional hat at the news, looks distraught as he calls upon his fellow men to join the fight. However, even after hearing the unsettling news, Lee Jang Hyun appears as relaxed as ever, unfolding his fan with a hint of a smile as he watches Nam Yeon Joon speak.

Meanwhile, Yoo Gil Chae and Kyung Eun Ae are visibly emotional as they look on, with Kyung Eun Ae even tearing up after seeing Nam Yeon Joon’s determination to head out to war.

The producers of “My Dearest” remarked, “Just the news that war has broken out is enough to incite extreme fear and anxiety in the people. In that moment, one character will think of the nation, while another will think of love, and another will think of how precious life is. Please keep a close eye on what choices will be made by the four characters, who have been placed at a major crossroads, and how those choices influence their fates within the war in the future.”

The next episode of “My Dearest” will air on August 11 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch the first two episodes of the drama with subtitles on Viki below!

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