Lee Da In And Lee Hak Joo Have A Heartbreaking Reunion In

MBC’s “My Dearest” has shared new stills from its upcoming episode!

“My Dearest” is a historical romance drama about star-crossed lovers whose fates become twisted due to the Qing invasion of Joseon. Namgoong Min stars as Lee Jang Hyun, a man who has declared that he will not get married, while Ahn Eun Jin plays Yoo Gil Chae, a noblewoman who dreams of finding love again even after two failed marriages. The drama also stars Lee Hak Joo as Nam Yeon Joon, a promising Confucian student studying at Sungkyunkwan, and Lee Da In as Nam Yeon Joon’s fiancée and Yoo Gil Chae’s closest friend Kyung Eun Ae.


The peaceful village of Neunggeun was hit by the horrors of war. The Neunggeun scholars became volunteer soldiers and took up swords instead of brushes to defend King Injo (Kim Jong Tae), but they were defeated by the Qing army and were cruelly sacrificed. The women hurried to escape, but they were pursued by the brutal Mongolian army.

In the newly released stills, Nam Yeon Joon, who appears to be seriously injured, is walking with the support of another wounded soldier. Nam Yeon Joon became a volunteer soldier for the cause, only to see the horrors of war with his own eyes. His comrades died and he realized how helpless he was. But he stood his ground and pledged that he would protect the king. Viewers can’t help but wonder what happened to Nam Yeon Joon.

Kyung Eun Ae looks surprised and confused to see Nam Yeon Joon in such a condition. Despite not being officially married to him, she considers herself his wife, evident from her married-woman updo hairstyle. During her attempt to escape from Neunggeun village, Kyung Eun Ae found herself facing a horrifying ordeal. Thankfully, Yoo Hil Chae intervened and saved her in time. Nevertheless, the incident left a deep impact on Kyung Eun Ae, as she had lived a serene and elegant life in the peaceful village of Neunggeun.

The production team of “My Dearest” commented, “In Episode 5, which airs on August 18, Nam Yeon Joon and Kyung Eun Ae will finally reunite. As each has faced major trials and crises, their reunion will be an outpouring of emotions. Lee Hak Joo and Lee Da In completed the heartbreaking scene with their solid and dramatic performances. We ask for your interest and expectations.”

The next episode of “My Dearest” will air on August 18 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

While you wait, catch up on the previous episodes of “My Dearest” here!

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