Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In June

Summer is officially in full swing! If you are looking for a way to cool down, how about a nice K-drama to binge-watch under the AC? Here’s the top five K-dramas that were the most-watched on Viki this past month!

In no particular order.


“Connection” is a crime thriller about Jang Jae Kyung (Ji Sung), a well-respected detective who is the ace of the narcotics unit, and Oh Yoon Jin (Jeon Mi Do), an opinionated and outspoken reporter who works in the social affairs department of Anhyun Economic Daily.

Start watching “Connection” below:

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Dare to Love Me

Based on a webtoon, “Dare to Love Me” is a romantic comedy about the love story between Shin Yoon Bok (Kim Myung Soo), a a 21st-century scholar from Seongsan village who believes deeply in Confucian values, and his art teacher Kim Hong Do (Lee Yoo Young), who has a reckless and straightforward personality.

Check out “Missing Crown Prince” below:

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Missing Crown Prince

A spin-off of “Bossam: Steal the Fate,” “Missing Crown Prince” is a romantic comedy set in the Joseon era about a crown prince (Suho) who is kidnapped by the woman (Hong Ye Ji) who is set to become his wife. While on the run for their lives, romance winds up blossoming between them.

Watch “Missing Crown Prince” below:

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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Helmed by director Ahn Pan Seok of the hit drama “Something in the Rain,” “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” tells the story of academy teacher Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won) and her former student Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon), who later returns to the academy as a rookie instructor after resigning from a large company because of his lingering feelings for his first love.

Watch “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” below:

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My Sweet Mobster

“My Sweet Mobster” is a romance drama about Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo), a man who has overcome his troubled past, and Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa), a kids’ content creator. The drama promises a story of reconciling the past and rediscovering childhood innocence.

Catch up on “My Sweet Mobster” below:

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Which of these dramas did you love in June, and which ones are you planning on checking out? Let us know in the comments below!

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