New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 May Week 3

Super Junior Vol. 4 – The Fourth Album (Side A: released, Side B: May 20)

01 Bonamana
02 Boom Boom
03 Coagulation
04 Your Eyes
05 My Only Girl
06 My All Is In You
07 Shake It Up!
08 In My Dream
09 One Fine Spring Day
10 Good Person
11 Here We Go

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Asia’s superstar group, Super Junior has returned this month with their fourth album, following their hit song last year, “Sorry Sorry.” The boys hope to show off their strong music and performance skills through this. The album’s concept is SJ Funky” (Super Junior Funky) which can be heard most strikingly in the title track is “Bonamana.” There are a total of 11 tracks. Version B of the album is expected to be released a week after Version A on the 20th of May.

CNBlue – Blue Love (May 18)

01 Love
02 Sweet Holiday
03 Black Flower
04 Tattoo
05 Love Light
06 Let’s Go Crazy

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2010’s top rookie band CNBLUE who had hyped up the music scene with their single, “Loner” earlier this year has returned with their second mini album. Their songs are upgraded alternative rock based ballads with a hint of rap, showcasing their full potential as a band.

Vibe Vol. 4 – In Praha (released)

01 Letter From Praha
02 Come to Me Again
03 Story Part 1 (Feat. DJ Toad Park)
04 Night with Shining Stars
05 Seen Only as a Younger Girl to an Oppa I Like
06 Old Love
07 Roommate – feat. Harim
08 Married
09 Return
10 I Miss You So Much – feat. 4men
11 If It Was You – feat. 美 of Dagsoul)
12 Have You Gone Mad
13 Story Part 2
14 Let’s Have a Shot of Soju, Friend
15 South Gate of Seoul
16 Pray For Glory
17 My Star – feat. All Christian

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Korea’s top group, Vibe, has finally made a comeback after four years with their fourth studio album, titled In Praha. Fans and non-fans alike will enjoy the group’s emotional vocals that had been missed. The album jacket was taken in Praha, the city of love. Through this and past works, Vibe is expected to be forever remembers 10, 20 years to come.

Monday Kiz Vol. 4 – Ru:t (May 19)

01 Intro
02 Memories I Loved Makes Me Cry
03 Heart, Tell It
04 Man
05 Don’t Go
06 Woman – Narration Park Shi Yeon
07 Words Saying I Love You
08 Glass Heart
09 Why..of All Things
10 Disperse
11 Outro

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Monday Kiz has returned this month with their fourth album. They recruited a new member, making it now a trio. Korea’s top production crew has participated in the makings including composers such as the Kim Do Hun/ Lee Hyun Seung combo, Han Sang Won, who was responsible for past hit song, “Disperse,” and Park Hae Wun. In addition, member Lee Jin Sung produced the entire album himself in addition to taking part in composing and penning some songs. This is the first album as a group since the unfortunate passing away of member, Kim Min Su. The title track is “Don’t Go,” composed by Kim Do Hun and Lee Hyun Seung and penned by member Lee Jin Sung. It is a medium tempo ballad number with hints of hip hop, incorporating strong drum beats and string arrangements. This cross-over genre number brings out a new feel listeners will enjoy.

MBLAQ 2nd single album – Y (May 17)

01 4 Ya’ Stereo – Intro (feat. Taewan A.K.A C-LUV)
02 Y
03 One Better Day
04 What U Want
05 Last Luv
06 Y – INST

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5-member boy band, MBLAQ is back with their second single album. Through this comeback, the group is expected to show fans different sides of them with songs ranging from dance, emotional ballads, to stylish Jazz& R&B numbers. The title track is “Y,” a song with strong bass and drum sounds. The boys’ strong vocals are to be showcased in this song, composed and penned by Rain himself. Other songs included in the album are dance number, “One Better Day,” Jazzy R&B “What U Want,” and ballad “Last Luv.”

Seo In Young (single) – Love-Elly (released)

01 Goodbye Romance

Seo In Young returns to the music scene with a single, “Goodbye Romance” as a solo artist once again after finishing her activities with Jewelry with their last single, “Love Story.” This ballad song will precede her upcoming special mini album, dedicated to the fans who have loved and supported her throughout had career. Through this song, Seo hopes to showcase her strong vocal skills and live performance ability.

K.Will, Miryo (single) – Greeting – Fate.Love.Separation (released)

01 After the Bus Left

Ballad artist, K.Will and rapper of Brown Eyed Girls, Miryo have come together with a single, “After the Bus Left” for the last part (Part – Separation) of the project album. This medium tempo dance number is about a man who watches over his loved one after break up with feelings about wanting to hold onto her. Miryo took part in the rap making herself.

Other releases:

Park Hye Kyung (single) – 새 남자친구 (released)
December (single) – Tears In Heaven (released)
Kim Yong Joon (SG Wannabe)/J Me (single) – Love Taste (released)
Na Yoon Kwon (single) – Close To You (released)
Taesabiae – 가슴속에 핀 꽃처럼 (released)
Kim Jo Han – The Vocalist (released)
Overclass – Collage 3 (released)
Soulman – Love Is On (May 17)
Verandah (Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon) – Day Off (May 17)
Moon Hyo Jin (mini-album) – 흩날리던 너 (May 17)
Main Street – Delicious Jazz (May 17)
Go Hyun – Mb가 강력 추천하는 고현의 잘난맨 (May 17)
Deez Vol. 2 – Get Real (May 18)
NS Yoon Ji – Ambitious (May 18)
Im Chae Hong – After Love (May 18)
Tobacco Juice – 설레발 (May 20)
Milktea – Delicious Time (May 20)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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