DBSK Changmin’s Dangerous Kiss

Strong Heart Episode Recap Part 2 (For Episode Played on 2.08.11)

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Kang Hodong asked Lee Jong Suk what he thought of Jung Juri (seems to be the trend, just like how on “Happy Together”, Yoo Jae Suk always asks the guests that appear, what they think about Shin Bong Sun’s looks). Lee Jong Suk answered that she was prettier than what he thought.

Leeteuk asked Lee Jong Suk out of the three words that he uses (I’m Busy, Move, and Screw off) which one would he use for Jung Juri. Lee Jong Suk chose “Screw off” (lol, so mean). Kang Hodong asked Lee Jong Suk if he had any difficulties portraying the “touchy role” (as in the character always appears to be annoyed, very similar to the stereotypical bad-boy image) that he had. Lee Jong Suk confessed that outside of filming he usually smiles a lot. So the drama director told Lee Jong Suk that he shouldn’t be smiling or laughing even outside of drama filming. The director even confined him to solitary places and would even separate Lee Jong Suk from his own manager.

The second issue was about portraying the gay role that he had. Lee Jong Suk said that Yoon Sang Hyun was actually helpful, and encouraged Lee Jong Suk to be even meaner to portray the correct bad-boy image.

But because of the two actors’ height difference, Yoon Sang Hyun told Lee Jong Suk not to wear any boots, and Yoon Sang Hyun would even check Lee Jong Suk’s shoes to see if he had any heel inserts. However, Yoon Sang Hyun would always wear heel inserts! (Kakakakaka -0-;;;)

They asked him about his thoughts on Ha Ji Won, and Lee Jong Suk exclaimed that she was a true actor. He described a moment when they were eating together. On the TV in the restaurant where they were eating, there was a scene from “Secret Garden” in which Hyun Bin was taking Ha Ji Won into the rain that was playing. Ha Ji Won actually cried while she was eating (this story is being revealed to give a kudos to Ha Ji Won and her ability to emotionally connect with her character, ^_^).

Lee Jong Suk then went on about the filming for the last episode of “Secret Garden.” Ha Ji Won walked over to Lee Jong Suk and gave him a hug while saying “Good job.” Lee Jong Suk confessed that when she walked away, she appeared very cool and awesome.

Then the show focused on Changmin. His chalkboard read “Everything was a lie.” Changmin described his “Why” concept, which was passionate, manly, and extreme. A lot of people had split opinions, one said that he was overreacting during his performances and the other was that he is downright cute (haha, he’s complimenting himself >0<). Changmin confessed that he felt pressure to be successful, because it’s been two years since he had performed live. But during his first comeback performance there was a problem with his ear monitor.

He had to start the real performance and he was so angry that he expressed it through his dance (he basically did a Kamekameha, it’s a dragon ball thing don’t ask :P)

Clips were shown to prove that it wasn’t just a concept but that he was actually extremely angry and frustrated during the process (lol, his eyes were like lasers).

Yunho said that Changmin is actually touchy. Whenever Yunho is dancing with Changmin, he described that he would always feel this dark presence when Changmin was nearby (the bad boy FORCE @_@!).

Kang Hodong briefly asked fans and what their opinions were. “Do you think Changmin is touchy to fans?” They all screamed “YES!”. Then he asked, “Do you like how he’s touchy?” They also replied “YES!” Then Kang Hodong retorted, “BE QUIET!” Gong Hyung Jin commented that there’s a significant difference between being “touchy” and just straight up mean. (Yup, no argument there — when Changmin does it, it’s cute.)

Changmin was talking about his touchy personality. Even his mother asked him to be nicer to fans. So one time he actually drew a heart when he was giving out an autograph and response was wild. Gong Hyung Jin then talked about an incident when he was signing autographs. One time he had only wrote the word “Always..” and the fan expected him to write “Always be happy”, but instead he wrote “Always be healthy” (Haha! This is Korean humor at its best.)

Then Kang Hodong focused on Moon Hee Jun and asked about his autographs, Moon Hee Jun reared off course about his past and kept talking (he always seems to digress >_<). Moon Hee Jun didn’t answer the question and tried to make a joke (that wasn’t really funny) so he quickly replied that he indeed does draw hearts on autographs (but it was too late T_T). Lee Seung Gi then commented that Moon Hee Jun’s chair on Strong Heart seems to move back all the time (implying that he might lose his position as a regular guest). Including Moon Hee Jun, everyone seemed concerned that he needed to secure his character in order to secure his regular guest position!

Then the topic switched to Yoo Ha Na, and Kang Hodong asked her what her thoughts were about Changmin (Changmin and Yoo Ha Na appear on the drama “Paradise Ranch”). She described him as being a perfect guy without any chinks in his armor. For example, when Changmin and Yoo Ha Na had to ride a plane together, Changmin stayed in the same position with a newspaper on his lap for over 16 hours, then right when the plane arrived, Changmin would fold up his newspaper and leave (Le Chique).

Then Kang Hodong threw a sneak attack question at Yoo Ha Na, “Why were you observing Changmin for over 10 hours?” She was obviously caught (In a trap! >_<) and had nothing to say.

Gong Hyung Jin exclaimed that if Changmin was really sitting in the same position for so long, when he got up he’d probably be stuck in the same position, and did a quick parody that Kang Hodong thoroughly enjoyed.

Yoo Ha Na’s chalkboard read “Dangerous Kiss.” On her mini homepage a fan somehow figured out that Yoo Ha Na and Changmin were going to film the next day and wrote a reply, “If you kiss Changmin I’m going to kill you.” After that incident she had the epiphany that she was actually kissing somebody from DBSK (ahh, so this is what it’s like to kiss somebody from DBSK @_@!) After Yoo Ha Na finished her kiss scene with Changmin, the lip movements and everything about the kiss gave her concern because she thought she would probably get killed.

Then Kang Hodong asked Changmin if he had ever kissed, all the fans and even Changmin himself answered that he had. Then Yoo Ha Na shouted, “He’s good at kissing.” Kang Hodong asked another tricky question to Yoo Ha Na: “How would you judge a person’s kissing skill?” Yoo Ha Na said that Changmin was very good in the sense that they had good kissing chemistry.

Then Kang Hodong asked a follow up question to Changmin. “Have you had any kissing experiences outside of filming? (After becoming a celebrity)” and Changmin answered in the affirmative (Ruh Oh!).

Then Kang Hodong asked Yoo Ha Na if she ever thought of Changmin as a man and not just a younger dongseng (younger brother). She told a story one time when Yoo Ha Na was cold and she said “nuna (older sister) you are cold right?” and he turned on the heater. Yoo Ha Na described that as being very manly and nice. Kang Hodong interjected saying that the heat coming out from a heater is very bad for your skin. The audience went wild with laughter.

Then Kang Hodong asked Yoo Ha Na if she was usually attracted to younger men. She replied that she really likes younger men and usually likes to act younger with them. She used Changmin to demonstrate how she acts cute, and right afterwards Changmin showed his disapproval.

Then Jung Juri suddenly stood up saying that she always wanted to give that demonstration a try. Her partner was Lee Jong Suk and his expression afterwards was priceless. He was a bit scared.


The focus was then on Kim Min Ji, who is a new announcer for SBS. Kang Hodong asked her what her aspirations were, and she replied that she would want to have her own talk show in the future. Kang Hodong asked if Kim Min Ji had been rejected from SBS where would she go instead, and she replied that “SBS would probably have hit the ground with regret.” Kim Min Ji then talked more about announcers and how they were in social gatherings, and one time there was a veteran announcer who wrapped cold noodles around her finger and fed it to her. Lee Seung Gi joked the veteran announcer was probably very concerned about “hand taste” (usually when Koreans eat when they talk about taste, they like to say the word “hand taste” to describe the sense that a cook needs to be able to really feel the food with their hands in order to make great food).

Then she talked about announcers at karaoke, and Kim Min Ji revealed that the main news announcer for SBS sang “Come Back Home” by the Taiji boys and even danced to the song. There was a brief joke about the difference between announcer tones and reporter tones when speaking. Kim Min Ji explained that announcers needed to lower the tone when they end sentences, and Kang Hodong gave his two cents about variety show speaking tones saying that you should never lower your tone when ending a sentence.

Kang Hodong commented that Kim Min Ji made a big hit for her SBS announcer interview. (She was one out of 2,000 applicants.)

Kim Min Ji confessed, “Honestly, I don’t think that I have a pretty face” and Kang Ho Dong quickly replied, “Yes, that’s correct!” She also explained how SBS is the first broadcasting company to pick announcers each year. Therefore, she strongly stated that SBS picks the best candidates. She even threw out a cute heart for the SBS CEO. Kang Hodong also gave out a heart and Lee Seung Gi said that he should probably be giving out a bigger heart with his arms. Then she busted out her moves to Orange Caramel.

Then they focused on Shin Joo Ah and her chalkboard read, “I want to become a dog”

Johnny Yoon talked about dog food in the states. When he visited a pet shop in the U.S he looked at all the cans for dog food and felt envious. But while he was talking there was somebody’s cellphone ringing (His own). Lee Teuk pointed out that Johnny Yoon was getting a call, and Johnny Yoon actually picked up the phone (it was his wife calling).

Kang Hodong briefly showed Johnny Yoon how to change his cellphone to manner mode (Vibration). Then, Johnny Yoon joked that afterwards he ate dog food for about 6 months and whenever he saw a light post, he would start lifting up his leg (Just like dogs when they take care of their business).

Everyone focused on Shin Joo Ah again and she began to explain her chalkboard. The reason it reads “I want to become a dog” is because a lot of people say that she gives out a “fox vibe” and people have scorned her for that. (The correct Korean word is “Dog Sang” but it usually means that somebody kind of gives out a dog vibe, this word can be used for other animals). Jung Juri said that she herself is a “Dinosaur Vibe.” Then one of the regular guests said that Shin Joo Ah is actually gives out a “Jin Vibe” (“Jin Sang” which is a play on words, meaning that she is annoying).

Kang Hodong began to talk about Shin Joo Ah’s bikini pictorial (Photo Album) and Shin Joo Ah expressed that she is extremely scared of water. The “Teuk Academy” (Leeteuk and other Super Junior Members) came out with pictures of her. (The picture showed the before and after pictures of Shin Joo Ah reacting to waves coming at her)

Then it was time for the “Teuk Academy” to do their skit. (My favorite part on this show!) The skit was titled “Teuk-thoven Virus” (a mashup of the words Teuk and Beethoven). Each of the Super Junior guys was dressed up as Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. (Again, their names were mashups basically meaning Fat Mozart, Lee Teuk Beethoven, and Eunhyuk Chopin. They did parodies of songs by switching up the lyrics that were hilarious (basically parody mashups of different songs).

Afterwards, the focus was on Min Ah from Girls Day. Her chalkboard read, “I can forgive you because you are DBSK!”

She said the reason why she appeared on Strong Heart was because of Yunho. She confessed that she should call him sunbae (SM veteran) but she said that for today, she’d love to call her oppa (older brother). She blushed profusely. Yunho then went up to her and pat her on the back saying, “Don’t be nervous.” (She loved it >_<). When asked how long she’s been a fan she replied that she’s been a fan since she was in fourth grade.

Min Ah described the moment she first fell in love with Yunho. She was watching the music video for Hug by DBSK and whenever Yunho performs he has a certain expression when he smiles (where his canine teeth are visible), that makes him look confident. Min Ah explained her chalkboard saying that the lyrics to “Hug” are actually kind of cheesy (to the point that it gives people goose bumps). She went on to explain that if Kim Young Chul had performed the song, everyone would hate it. Kim Young Chul did his own interpretation of the song and immediately afterwards, Kang Hodong told Lee Jong Suk “Ready, Action!!” Lee Jong Suk started to do sing and Kim Young Chul exclaimed “Screw Off!!” (But Kang Hodong actually wanted Lee Jong Suk to say “Screw Off” instead of singing, Leeteuk explained the situation for everyone, Leeteuk is always so witty;;)

Min Ah began to talk about a memorable performance of Yunho. The performance was Yunho on “SBS Pop Competition” (SBS Gayo Daejun). At the end of one song, Yunho and other DBSK members pulled open their shirts and revealed their muscular backs. Min Ah exclaimed that her sister is also a diehard fan and she was actually at the Strong Heart studio right now. One regular guest began to describe Min Ah in the waiting room and she exclaimed that first time guests are very nervous usually, but instead Min Ah and her sister were sharing DBSK’s schedule.

Afterwards, Min Ah performed DBSK classics “Hug” and “Balloon” (Yunho appeared very content). In the middle of “Balloon” she asked DBSK members to join and they joined in the dance (But, Changmin didn’t seem to remember the dance? >_<)

Personal Thoughts: I always enjoy the interaction between younger and older generation of celebrities. Johnny Yoon’s appearance was awesome. This episode showed a mature, yet funnier version of Yunho and Changmin. About the topic of Moon Hee Jun, however, I’ll give you folks a brief celebrity history lesson!

After Moon Hee Jun was performing single, and before Kim Gu Ra became famous, there was a point when he was a controversial icon because he tried to avoid going to the Korean Military because of his mental status. Kim Gu Ra at the time was a non-popular comedian who had his own internet radio channel, and on that channel he swore and cursed and made fun of Moon Hee Jun. This was actually the jumpstart for Kim Gu Ra’s career. When Moon Hee Jun began reappear on broadcasts, he and Kim Gu Ra made up publicly. Moon Hee Jun had many appearances on different talk/variety shows. Apparently he is struggling on maintaining his position as a regular guest on Strong Heart. But in my humble opinion, I think Moon Hee Jun needs to step up his game! He was extremely popular when he went solo and had many diehard fans. I’d like to see Moon Hee Jun back to his roots and more confident! (I don’t like seeing him so worried and cautious T_T).

Anyway, what are your thoughts?

P.S. Stay tuned for the update of this week’s episode!

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