Who is Best Looking in Uniform?

Hyun Bin’s departure to the military this year will add to the long list of stars already partaking in their mandatory military duty.  Serving in the military is not always easy as stars leave the public eye for 22 months which usually results in a slump in their careers and fan base.

Hyun Bin will be serving in the Marine Corps, which is considered to be one of the toughest, but has no regrets.  In a recent interview with My Daily on February 11th Hyun Bin was asked several questions about the military and how it may change him.  With regards to joining the Marines he stated, “I have no regrets. But, we’ll have to wait until after I enter service to see if I do have regrets.”  His age ranks as one of the oldest to take part in the Marines as usually younger candidates apply due to the physically demanding training.

Hyun Bin also commented on whether or not the service will change him and stated, “Of course, we’ll have to see 2 years later, but after going and coming out of the military, I think I’ll change a lot.  Up until now, I have had a lot of conversations with other actors who have gone and come back from the military, and I can feel what it was like. I really want to experience that first hand.”  Hyun Bin is getting support from both the entertainment industry and the fans.   

In order to refresh the minds of the fans we will portray some of the current stars in service.  Do they still have their good looks?  Well we all get to see them in a new light as many stars tend to have long hair before the service and have to get the infamous military buzz cut.  Hyun Bin is probably dreading the enlistment day when he will have to go under the clippers.

So who’s the hottest in uniform?

Joo Ji Hoon, joined the army in February of 2010.  He gained popularity for his role in the MBC Drama “Princess Hours” (2006) wherein he portrayed the crown Prince Lee Shin.  Recently he has signed an acting contract with KeyEast which he will be working for once he has completed his service.

Kim Nam Gil, joined July 15th if 2010.  Nam Gil finished the filming of the SBS TV Series “Bad Boy” just before his enrollment.  He has been in several movies and dramas but is most widely known for his great acting skills which he portrayed in MBC’s TV Series “Queen Seon Deok” (2009) acting as Bidam.

Lee Jun Ki, entered into service in May of 2010.  This multi-talented model, singer and actor is enlisted in the Entertainment Division of the Military, DEMA Media, in order to promote the military and boost troop moral through various performances.  He has been appointed as a Korean Hallyu Ambassador and due to his various acting roles and singing performance has gained international notoriety.

Lee Wan, joined the service July 12th 2010.  Many may know him for being the younger brother of Kim Tae Hee but this hasn’t stopped him from also gaining success in the acting studio as well.  He started his career as a co-star to his big sister in the SBS Drama “Stairway to Heaven” (2003) but has starred in numerous dramas since.  His last drama before his service was the action romance SBS title “Swallow the Sun.”  He is also part of the Entertainment Division of the military.

Park Hyo Shin, enlisted in December of 2010.  Is considered one of the best Korean singers, he was awarded the Best Korean Singer by Mnet, voted by producers and individuals in the entertainment business.  One of his recent hits has been for the SBS Athena soundtrack, “I Love You,” which topped the charts upon its release in August of last year.

Kim Jeong Hoon, enlisted April 28th, 2009. Jeong Hoon made his mark in 2000 as a singer in the duo group UN, with the single “Voice Mail.” Joo  Ji Hoon, currently also enlisted, co-starred with Jeong Hoon in “Princess Hours” and has built up a fan base overseas.  His popularity is sure to resurge both domestically and internationally

Lee Dong Wook known as a heartthrob and a talented actor has had a lot of success in the acting business.  Dong Wook has received numerous awards both for his acting and good looks, awarded the sexiest Korean male several times.  Some of his popular dramas include SBS’s “My Girl” (2005) and KBS2’s “Partner” (2009).

Andy Lee enlisted in the army in January of 2010.  Andy has gained popularity as a rapper in the boy band Shinhwa but has also taken part in many banjun dramas as well.  Andy is very ambitious and has even started his own company, ND (New Dream) Entertainment, and produced a two member boy band called Jumper.

Lee Dong Gun enlisted in the army last year.  Dong Gun started his career as a singer but has moved on to focus on a career in the acting industry.  He has taken many breaks throughout his career, once in 2007 and another after losing his brother in 2008, since then he has only appeared in one film “Overa Van Java” (2010).

Kim Ji Seok entered the service in 2010.  Ji Seok has been active in both movies and dramas.  His latest role was on the MBC drama “Personal Preference” (2010) where he played Charlie Han.  Ji Seok still has not had his breakout role yet but with his experience in numerous dramas soon will.

Kang In enlisted July 5th, 2010 in the army.  Kang In is/was a member of the boy band Super Junior.  He started his career by placing 1st in one of SM Entertainment’s talent competitions, “SM Youth Best Contest” (2002), and was shortly after contracted with SM Entertainment.  He also has acted in several dramas, the most recent for MBC, “Romance Zero” (2009), as Na Ho Tae but has been plagued with some run-ins with the law which include a DUI (2009).

It is definitely difficult to pick just one hot star in uniform.  You have your bad boys and your picture perfect bunch but as for myself I have nine favorites, SNSD ;).  Yes, I will have to bend the rules as they are not on active duty but my male instincts just can’t look past them.  I think we can all agree a man or woman in uniform will always get a second glance. 


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