Won Bin’s Version of “Secret Garden” Hyun Bin’s Sit-ups

So Hyun Bin’s popular Kim Joo Won character from SBS hit drama “Secret Garden” has been parodied once again, and this time by the sizzling “Ajusshi” Won Bin!

Won Bin shows sit-up performances which resemble the face-to-face sit-up scene from “Secret Garden” in a SK Telecom CF that will be aired starting on Feb. 5th.

In this humorous commercial, Won Bin does sit-ups extremely slowly when a female trainer coaches him, while he does them in a bolt-lightening speed when it’s a buff male trainer. Viewers have found this scene to be hilarious as it’s a parody of the face-to-face sit-up scene from “Secret Garden,” where Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won make close eye-contact and exchange glances.

A representative from the advertisement industry stated, “We were overpowered by Won Bin’s soft charisma. Also, Won Bin didn’t express any sign of pain even after doing endless sit-ups during the filming that went on for over twelve hours.”

So who would you say is your favorite “Kim Joo Won”? Hyun Bin, T.O.P, Psy, or Won Bin? �de09