Hyun Bin’s Acting Roles Before Stardom? ★

Back in the day, when Hyun Bin was a newcomer in the entertainment industry before rising to stardom, it turns out that he appeared in the background of a CF starring sexy actress Jun Ji Hyun and played a minor role in the drama ‘Body Guard’ playing a stalker!

On SBS’s “Nightly Entertainment” episode which was aired on the 3rd of March, video clips from Hyun Bin’s past when he worked as drama extras and CF models were unveiled.

Earlier in his career, Hyun Bin appeared in a CF showcasing Jun Ji Hyun, who was already a top star at that time, but he wasn’t able to garner recognition. Why you may ask? In the CF only his back view was shown while his front view was given a blurry effect in the background, fudging out his good looks. In 2003, the hot actor made his presence known amongst leading cast members Han Goh Eun and Cha Seung Won through his first appearance in a drama called ‘Body Guard,’ where in he played the role of a stalker.

Furthermore, the hardworking and passionate actor suffered from an injury when he broke six of his toenails while receiving Taekwondo training for six months in order to film the movie “Spin Kick,” in 2004. He had a difficult time during his high school and college years, trying to juggle the multiple tasks of attending classes and working as a backstage staff, while also acting, in order to gain experience.

During the interview, Hyun Bin reminisced, “Those were the days when I enjoyed the work I did day by day rather than dreaming about becoming a famous actor.” He also added, “I don’t believe in the expression, ‘I suddenly became a superstar one morning.’ Thorough preparation and hard work is a must.”

When the interviewer mentioned that although the drama “Secret Garden” is over, people are still madly in love with Kim Joo Won, Hyun Bin stated, “Personally, I wish the popularity would go on for longer but I don’t think it will last that long.”

He also shared his thoughts about leaving all of a sudden when he’s enjoying explosive popularity. “I’m currently at the stage where I’m enjoying new aspects of acting, but I feel bad that I won’t be able to do so for a while.” The sizzling star also commented, “I’m not scared at all. I think I’ll enjoy it,” with regards to serving in the Marine Corps, in which he is due to enlist on Mar. 7th. He stated that when comparing himself to a drama, that he’s “about in the 6th episode among the 16 episodes. It’s when the drama is about to get really interesting and fun.”

While he’s simply irresistible with his killer looks, what makes him such an amazing actor are his strong work ethics and constant strive for excellence. It’s great to see how he has reached his current status as a super star but at the same time he is humble and always pushing himself to improve his acting with every role he plays. We will miss you dearly, Hyun Bin! ♥