[Recap] Yunho is a Poor Man's Siwon?

Strong Heart Episode 64 Recap (02/15/11) Part 1

(Sorry for the late post! I was stormed with work and had to post the other episode first, part 2 of this recap will be posted up tomorrow, I know everything here is old news but hope you enjoy regardless~! ^^;)

This episode of Strong Heart was a continuation the Homme Fatal Special. The episode started offf with Lee Seung Gi’s “Huhdang Donghwa” (“Huhdang” is actually a word from a Kangwondo dialect meaning useless. This is one aspect of Lee Seung Gi’s character concept, basically he makes jokes that have no depth and aren’t funny, but cute ^_^).

The title was “Strong Heart Town.” There once was a foreigner who wore jeans made by Shawn Lee who was a master Italian craftsman (The name of the brand of jeans was Gong Hyung “Jean” wordplay because Jin and Jean sound so simiar). The foreigner went to visit Strong Heart town and he asked “You know Yunho?”

The place that the foreigner was looking for was “Yun-Ho” (Yun Lake). There was a stone named Lee Jong Suk (Lee Jong “Stone”; suk means stone in Korean) and the foreigner took a picture there, while saying “Kim Minji” (This is a wordplay on the common word that Koreans use when taking pictures “Kimchi”). As memorabilia, the townspeople of Strong Heart gave the foreigner a very classy plate set named “Dong Bang Shin Ki” (This makes sense because the Ki from DBSK is actually also used as a Chinese character for plate). The foreigner was so happy that he started to sing “Lalalala Joo Ah” (Another word play because, Joo ah sounds very similar to the common expression in Korean for Awesome which is “Jo Ah”).

(Cute but not really funny -_-+, only Seung Gi could pull it off)


Kang Hodong started off by explaining that this broadcast would appear on Korean television, the day after Valentines. Kang Hodong asked Min Ah who she would give chocolates to, and she cutely replied “You probably already know~~” (Implying that the recipient would be Yunho, she was a fan for 8 years). But, because she pointed at Kang Hodong, he joked “Why do you want to give chocolates to me?” Her expression froze up and she said “What?”

Then Kang Hodong asked Kim Min Ji who she would give chocolates to and she said “Kim Young Chul” (The comedian). But, the moment that Kim Min Ji was about to explain why, Changmin ran across the screen and pretty much interrupted the whole explanation. (Kim Young Chul was upset because he missed out on his one shot). Kang Hodong just moved on (LOL).

Kang Hodong introduced the topic for today’s “Talk Battle” and it was “Either medicine or poison” (Implying that the different stories that each member had would either be …)

The first contender was Gong Hyung Jin, whose chalkboard read “The Man with Line that is Alive” (Here line is used in the context of describing Gong Hyung Jin’s vast network, because he is close friends with many top actors).

Gong Hyung Jin was talking about the subject of friendship. As he grows older he realizes the importance of having true friends and people on his side. Then Lee Seung Gi asked how Gong Hyung Jin got close with Jang Dong Gun. It was established that both Lee Seung Gi and Kang Hodong really like Jang Dong Gun. Lee Seung Gi even went on to say that “Jang Dong Gun is so good looking that he doesn’t seem human” and Gong Hyung Jin also commented “He’s unnecessarily good looking” (-_-+ keke). Gong Hyung Jin told everyone that Jang Dong Gun did not like him at first, but they became closer on the set of “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War ” Gong Hyung Jin once asked Jang Dong Gun “Why are you friends with me? What do you like about me?” and Jang Dong Gun replied “Because you got my back 100%.” Of course, Gong Hyung Jin told everyone that he’s got only about 95% of his back. (@_@).

Then Gong Hyung Jin began to talk about Kim Seung-Woo (Kim Seung-Woo was awesome on Iris, I loved how he portrayed his North Korean character) and how he was a big fan of Kang Hodong. Kang Hodong then asked Gong Hyung Jin what his secret to these friendships were and Gong Hyung Jin answered that it was because he was always honest when making new friends. Whenever his friends would become famous, he was always happy for them and not jealous. (Pretty cool considering that he’s friends with top stars like Jang Dong Gun and Hyunbin).

Gong Hyung Jin began to talk about an episode about the currently married Kim Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo couple. Before Kim Seung Woo got married with Kim Nam Joo, he had sent a lovey-dovey text to Gong Hyung Jin by accident. (Gong Hyung Jin however acted like it had never happened). One day Kim Seung Woo called Gong Hyung Jin and requested that they go out for a glass of wine. Kim Seung Woo said that he was all torn up and didn’t know what to do. Gong Hyung Jin thought that Kim Seung Woo was going to confess the truth about his relationship. They began to head towards Kim Seung Woo’s own house, and Gong Hyung Jin had everything pictured in his head (How he would act all surprised). But, at Gong Hyung Jin’s house, there was another female celebrity besides Kim Nam Joo! (-0-;;;;;) This female celebrity however was also dating one of Gong Hyung Jin’s friends. (Gong Hyung jin was speechless and also clueless as to what he should do in that situation).

Then Kim Seung Woo began to drag Gong Hyung Jin down to the basement saying “Hyung Jin, I really don’t know what I should do.” (Gong Hyung Jin just wanted to go back home at that point). But, once they were at the basement Kim Nam Joo suddenly popped out. (The whole scenario was a type of “candid camera” Kim Seung woo had set everything up in order to fool Gong Hyung Jin, keke sounds like fun ^_^)

The next contender was Changmin and his chalkboard was titled “You know Yunho?”

Changmin began with saying that during his celebrity career he’s never ran out of things to say on talk shows because of Yunho. Changmin once watched the Strong Heart episode containing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon (On that episode, it was established that Siwon was a character, he is very conscious about his looks and also likes to show off his celebrity status, but it’s still pretty cute). Changmin commented that he thought to himself ‘Wow, Choi Siwon is very similar to Yunho.’ Lee Seung Gi asked “Are there any differences that you could point out?” and Changmin joked that Siwon has a classier image than Yunho (He said that Siwon gave out a vibe that he was a rich son of a large conglomerate while in comparison, Yunho only gave out a vibe of being the son of a small or middle sized company). As an example, when Siwon wakes up he will read economic news articles in english. But, Yunho will sit in front of his computer in a frog-like position and read economics news articles in Korean.

Kang Hodong then asked Yunho about any fun stories about their rooming together. Changmin talked about his first impression of Yunho, and it was of a very indifferent and touchy character (Changmin had talked about this on Happy Together, Yunho had explained that it was due to the emotional pain of losing so many friends that gave up on becoming celebrities). One time Yunho asked Changmin to come into a room, “Hey you, get over here!” and Changmin was initially scared. Yet, when they were inside of the room, Yunho took out a video tape and put it into the player. The video showed clips of Yunho dancing and performing. Yunho then began to brag to Changmin, “I’m a top star!” (LOL). Changmin thought that he was the only one who went through this, but he found out later that Yunho had made every SM trainee watch his own video.

Moon He Jun also talked about his first impression of Yunho and he said that Yunho’s eyes were fiery and contained a vibe that said “I am You-know Yunho.”

Changmin went to go on about Yunho’s personality and how he hates losing. On one occasion they were playing games and betting but Yunho lost a large sum of money. One person wanted to pick on Yunho and said that if you can stitch a meter’s worth within a month, I’ll forget about the money you owe me. Then supposedly, Yunho was stitching for a whole month while maintaining his fiery “Yunho eyes” (Hahaha).

Lee Seung Gi asked Yunho “What is the meaning behind You-know Yunho?” Yunho replied that because the first part of “You know” means knowing somebody else, it had the deep meaning of always constantly trying to understand other people as the leader of DBSK. But in actuality, Yunho had used that name on a mobile game (>_< LOL, love how he’s being so honest and funny). The crowd went wild and everyone commented that Yunho was very humanistic (Koreans like to use the word humane or humanistic to describe that somebody is very loveable). Then Yunho went on to brag that in that game he was a master, and within that game he was about one level below becoming a god. The judging time had arrived and unfortunately Changmin lost out to Gong Hyung Jin (Hard to say which was better, both were very entertaining).


The next contender was Shawn Lee, and his chalkboard read “Anchovie-Man becomes Diesel” (Diesel is my translation of Body ZZang which means buff body, also for those of you that don’t’ know Shawn Lee is a famous bodybuilder in South Korea). Kang Hodong commented that Shawn Lee’s shaved head gives other people fear and accentuates Shawn Lee’s charisma. But, Shawn Lee began to talk about the cons of having a shaved head. Her daughter (who is 18 months old) keeps calling everyone who has a shaved head “Daddy” (T_T;;;;;;). One time his daughter was reading a book and looked at a picture of an octopus and she said “Daddy” while pointing at the head of an octopus. She even calls the Strong Heart character “Daddy” (Kekekeke ^_^;;;;).

Lee Seung Gi commented that many people in Korea gained more interest about Shawn Lee through “Star King.” Also, he was famous because of Diet-King (One female on that show lost 54kg in 100 days, OMG @_@). Lee Seung Gi then asked if Shawn Lee’s life had changed after his tv appearances, and Shawn Lee replied “Just like DBSK, I’m also being more aware of popularity as a celebrity.” Kang Hodong replied “That’s because you don’t’ seem to know about DBSK’s popularity” (Haha, he’s saying that Shawn Lee probably isn’t as famous as DBSK).

Now, the focus was on Shawn Lee’s chalkboard that now read “Please let me eat and live too” (Which basically means, that I want to eat like everybody else too from time to time). Shawn Lee explained that he works out for 5 days a week and on the weekends he eats whatever he wants to. Shawn Lee was at a buffet but everybody else was shocked at how Shawn Lee was eating. One individual even went up to Shawn Lee and scolded him, “You don’t let your contestants eat anything, why are you eating here now?” Shawn Lee replied “I’m sorry” and he put down his plate. (T_T keke). Then at Kang Hodong’s request Shawn Lee gave out a message to everyone watching Strong Heart, “Chicken delivery boys, when you come to my house, please don’t be so surprised that I’m eating chicken. I work out five days and then only eat on the weekends so please give me some leeway.” (^_^).

Shawn Lee then explained that he was actually only 58kg before (Now he is 98kg). In 1996, he went to Canada to study. At the time, he loved playing basketball. But whenever he played, the white boys would call him “Yellow Skinny Boy” and never pass the ball (I feel him). Shawn Lee was extremely upset at the time and told the person who called him that to meet him outside for a one-on-one fight. Shawn Lee got beat up by a group of the white friends (T_T). After that incident he watched black friends’ workout and he became motivated. But, when he was working out his muscles seemed to shrink. He decided to go meet a professional trainer and that’s when he met his current-master Chris. Eventually Shawn Lee appeared on the Canadian Muscleman, and he won first place! (He was the only Asian at the contest). After achieving that accomplishment, he realized that instead of only exercising for himself, he should start helping out other individuals by teaching them the proper way of working out (Pretty cool). It was judging time again and Shawn Lee’s story defeated Gong Hyung Jin’s (It was established on the show before but moving stories always win out). Then Shawn Lee did a performance that showed off his muscles! He also did a short tango with Jung Juri.

(Something I just noticed while I was writing the recap was that the chalkboards for each guest keeps changing @_@. At first I was like “What’s going on here?!?!” but it seems like the editors are mixing different “talks” to seem like it’s actually just one continuous “talk”. Interesting >0


The next contender was Lee Jong Suk, his chalkboard read “The phrase that made the character Sun.” Lee Jong Suk confessed that it took him a long time before he got to play the character Sun. He also added, “I first decided that I wanted to become an actor when I was in junior high after seeing a scene in the movie “Romance of their Own” where Kang Dong Won flashes a cute smile as he lifts the umbrella.”

After seeing that he started taking acting classes and one day he got picked up through “street casting” (Scouting that occurs on the street) so he thought that he would be able to act at last. However, the company he joined was actually a modeling agency. So against his will, he debuted as a model first at the age of sixteen (At the time he was the youngest model, but he still emerged as the top model at that time). The year was 2005. Lee Jong Suk explained that he had been a model for about five years. For the Seoul Collection show he wore about half of the clothes. Kang Hodong commented that “Ahh I didn’t know that before but you really like to brag about yourself huh?” (Keke).

Regardless of the teasing, Lee Jong Suk continued to brag that usually models only wear about one to two outfits per show, but he wore about three on average and at most even six.

Kang Hodong said, “Ah hah, more and more you’re just bragging!” Lee Seung Gi added more jokes on that point, “He started with Eunji then Daeji and now he’s going to move on Wanji” (Eunji is short for kind of bragging, Daeji is big bragging, and Wanji is completely bragging, haha). Kang Hodong exclaimed “You are doing better every day” (Commenting that Lee Seung Gi has pretty much mastered the Kang Hodong style of emceeing).

Lee Jong Seuk continued on with his story, “after working for several years as a model, I realized at some point that my real dream was to become an actor.” From then on he quitted modeling and started his difficult journey to become an actor. He briefly talked about the difficulties that he had at getting acting roles, and then Kang Hodong asked “How did you get the role of Sun in Secret Garden?” He replied that at first he felt a lot of pressure and didn’t want to audition for the role because a lot of idol stars had already tried out. He heard rumors that the Sun role was undecided, so he intuitively felt that it was the role for him. On the last day of auditions he went. Lee Seung Gi joked “Now you are headed towards Wan Ji” (Completely bragging about himself). When he first went into the audition he was asked to sing and the scriptwriter exclaimed “You are really horrible at singing.” He thought to himself that he probably wasn’t going to get the role, and then the scriptwriter tossed him the script. One line that caught his eye was “Screw Off.” He knew that he had to be as offensive as possible in order to get the role. He stared into the eyes of the scriptwriter and blurted out “Screw Off.” The scriptwriter raised her eyebrow and seemed offended. Lee Jong Suk thought that he probably had failed the audition. The scriptwriter called him back and said “You should play Sun.” Kang Ho dong exclaimed “You finally reached Wanji” (The highest point of bragging). It was judging time again and Shawn Lee won again.


Then the Teuk Academy came out to do a health club skit. Guests would come out and show off their special skills. Yunho was first and showed his skill of making clovers with his tongue. (You know what they say about people who can fold their tongue like that *wink*). He could actually make four leaf clovers with his tongue. Changmin commented, “it’s impressive but disgusting to look at.” (Haha)


Yunho then began to show another talent that he had. First he stated that he was a big fan of Moon He jun. Kang Hodong asked if Yunho ever imagined that Moon He Jun would be a comedian, and Yunho replied in the negative. Eunhyuk chipped in “Well you know, he probably didn’t even know that Strong Heart would be broadcast either” (LOL, good point). Yunho imitated Moon He Jun’s vocals while singing the “Teletubby” theme song. (He received a fail ring “DING!”)


Then Yunho did his “slow-fast dance.” (He switches speed from slow to fast, really cool).


Eunheuk did a comic version of the “slow-fast dance” (It was funny, but still pretty darn cool).


Finally, Moon He Jun was called to the stage. Moon He Jun started by popping, then he moved on to his famous “car dance” from H.O.T “Candy.” It ended in a weird, dance (Let’s just leave it at that -_-+).


Min Ah was called to the stage and she started to imitate Hyun Sook (A Korean Bbong Jjak singer, it’s pretty much the Korean version of country music in the U.S). Then Min Ah started to do a funny but powerful song that switched into a head bang.


Yunho also imitated Min Ah’s comic pumping dance (LOL).


Lee Jong Suk was called to the stage and he did the Orange Caramel dance (It made all the girl fans go wild, keke). Lee Seung Gi commented that Lee Jong Suk looked like Nana from Orange Caramel.


Actress Yoo Ha Na sang G-Dragon’s “Heart Breaker” in a Korean traditional “Pan So Ri” version. Then she started dancing to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” (But in a comic way, Eunhyuk also commented that Yoo Ha Na reminded him of Leeteuk’s sister).

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