Song Hye Gyo’s Last Text Message to Hyun Bin?

It has been revealed today that Song Hye Gyo had sent Hyun Bin a warm text message conveying her best wishes to him.

According to a source close to Song Hye Gyo, the actress sent Hyun Bin a text message on the morning of his enlistment day, wishing him “to stay safe during his military service.”

The source revealed, “Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo decided to split up after suffering through hard times due to overwhelming public attention and groundless rumors. However, even after their break-up, they cared about each other and stayed in touch by frequently sending each other text messages.

Although early this year the two agreed to end their relationship, they pushed back the announcement due to Hyun Bin’s recent movie schedules and enlistment. The reason they denied their break-up despite numerous rumors was also because Hyun Bin, who has been already highly exposed, would be pressured from further public attention by acknowledging their separation.

It has been told that Hyun Bin expressed to Song Hye Gyo that he “feels sorry for leaving her the burden and feels thankful to her.”

Although they decided to split ways, we still love them and wish them the very best!