Two New Korean Films are Released: Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn” and True Story “The Children”

Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn,” also widely known as “Manchu,” and true story “The Children” started playing in theaters on February 17th

“Late Autumn”

Director: Kim Tae Woong

Lead Actors: Hyun Bin & Tang Wei

Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn” is a remake of the 1960 version by deceased director Lee Man Hee. It is a modern version love story about a model prisoner and a runaway and takes place in Seattle. Anna (Tang Wei) has been serving a seven year sentence for the murder of her husband when she was granted a three day bereavement leave to attend her mother’s funeral. She unexpectedly meets Hoon (Hyun Bin), who sells love for money, and the two begin an unexpected three day romance.

“Late Autumn” is co-produced by Korea and China and is Director Kim Tae Woong’s second feature film. His first feature film was 2006’s “Birth of a Family.” The dialogue for the film is entirely in English. Both “Late Autumn” and Hyun Bin’s other movie “I Love You, I Love You Not” (2011) were invited to the Berlin International Film Festival. Despite being a low-budget film, it earned second place in the box office after its first weekend.

“The Children”

Director: Lee Gyu Man

Lead Actors: Park Yong Woo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Suh Dong Il

“The Children” is based on a true story that has yet to be solved. On March 1991, five elementary school students from Daegu, Kyeongbuk, disappeared at once. The movie starts with the disappearance of the students and spans over to the next ten years when their corpses are found. It documents the hardships faced by the missing boys’ friends and families and the various theories of what happened to them. Actors Ryu Seung Ryong of “Personal Taste” (2010), Sung Dong Il of “Chuno” (2010) and “Runaway Plan B” (2010). It earned first place in the box office within its first week of release.


Written by song@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

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