The No.1 Couple Most Likely to Get Back Together Goes to… Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo!

Former couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo has been voted as the No.1 “couple most likely to get together” on a recent poll conducted in relation to the upcoming theatrical release of the movie “Last Night.”

The poll asked, “Which star couple would get back together because they cannot forget each together?”. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo won by a landslide, sweeping 73% of the votes. Although thirteen days have passed since the two officially announced their breakup and Hyun Bin is currently in the Marines, the survey result reflects fans’ huge affection for the couple.

Hyun Bin – Song Hye Kyo couple was followed by Gil – Park Jung Ah couple, “fashionistas” Kim Min HeeLee Soo Hyuk couple, and “celeb, and sports star” Yoon Jin Suh – Lee Taek Geun couple.

Netizens expressed various reactions to the poll results. Some of the comments stated, “Wouldn’t it be okay for the two to reunite two years later when Hyun Bin gets discharged?,” “They fit so well together, I wish they get back together,” “It hasn’t been that long since Hyun Bin started his military duties and we’re discussing about the two reuniting already?”.