Idols and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets ♥ Part 2

For those of you who enjoyed reading Idols and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets ♥ Part 1, we’re back with Part 2 as promised! 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your feedbacks and suggestions!

Once again, we tried gathering a collection of stars who are madly, deeply, truly in love with their pets. This article is the second part of the three part celeb & pet series. Part 2 has some of the most awesome, stylish, good-looking, cutest star-pet couples, so we hope you enjoy! 😀 We’ll be back with our Part 3 soon!

2AM’s Jo Kwon & His Miniature Pinscher Haeng Woon Nee  

Last September, Jo Kwon revealed his puppy named Haeng Woon Nee (Haeng Woon means luck in Korean) on his me2day account. Along with these photos, he posted “Haeng Woon Nee sings along when my mom plays a pipe lol … I guess he was tired… he’s sleeping zZ”. It looks like Haeng Woon Nee was playing around and Jo Kwon’s mom put him to bed by singing him a lullaby.

▲On March 25th, he also tweeted a photo of the two of them wearing matching couple skeleton outfits!

▲More couple shots~~~ 😉 

Simply adorable… what more can you say? 😉

▲OMG… he’s wearing Hyun Bin’s famous blue sequin-studded training outfit! HOT! 😉

2PM’s Chansung & His Cat Jeong-gam  

Chansung posted the following photo below of Jeong-gami on twitter with the following description: “Jeong-gam lol you don’t know where you are, do you!? lol you’re inside the sleeve part of daddy’s clothes.”

Daddy & Daughter

Check out this cute video with Chansung and Jeong-gam! 😉


Jay Park & His Dachshund Peatry

Here is a video of Jay Park introducing Peatry to all of his fans worldwide! 😉 Peatry appears from 6:18 – 6:33 in the clip. Jay comments about Peatry: “This is my pride and joy. Every decision I make, whether it be what can I have for dinner or what clothes I wear, I run it through him first and then I start my day so… (kisses Peatry)”

Peatry is wearing the Red Devils hair band on his waist! 😉

Kangin & His Japanese Spitz  “Gong Joo”

He mentioned that he bought “Gong Joo” (means princess in Korean) because she has similar eyes as his own. Little fluffy princess has appeared with daddy Kangin in “Kangin & Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio.” Here are two sweet videos of Kangin and Taeyeon cuddling with “Gong Joo.”

SNSD’s Tiffany & Her White Maltese “Romeo”

Fellow SNSD group member Taeyeon mentioned Tiffany’s puppy in her diary during an episode of “Kangin & Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio” in 2008. Check out the clip! 😀

Tiffany isn’t raising Romeo anymore. She gave it to her friend and it has been told that Romeo is doing well and got a lot bigger compared to his last appearance. I wonder who the two members are who dislike dogs…??? 


Dalmatian & Their Dalmatian Bbangku! 😉

Their Dalmatian’s name is Bbangku. He’s pretty much the mascot of this rookie group which debuted last September. Bbangku was born in June of 2010.

In a recent interview, Dalmatian’s leader Inati explained how they came up with team name “Dalmatian” while stroking Bbangku: “Dalmatian which is a hunting dog doesn’t betray its owner. We decided Dalmatian as our team name to signify that we will become musicians who do not betray their fans. Also, since Dalmatians tend to be more active and have more fashionable patterns than other dogs, we would like to make energetic music and become fashion leaders.

Bbangku looking hot and stylish with daddy Dari

Out for a walk with Dalmatian’s leader Inati

Bbangku meets up with Big Bang’s Taeyang at the M Countdown waiting room!

Youngwon dressed up in a Dalmatian costume 

Big Bang’s T.O.P & His American Cocker Spaniel Charlie

These are photos of Charlie back in 2007 when he was a puppy. He should have grown up to be pretty big by now! 😉 However, recent photos of him have not been revealed.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa & His Dog Jjingi ♥


On August 11th, Jung Yong Hwa tweeted “With Jjingi who welcomes me at my home back in Busan!!! Jjingi always watches the TV when I’m on it lol I cheer up just thinking of Jjingi!” 

SHINee’s Jonghyun & His Dachshund Puppy Roo


Sooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Also, check out this super cute clip of Roo that Jonghyun posted on his me2day! 😉



Brian Joo & His Pets Beckham, Chester & Jersey

On March 9th, Brian tweeted “The 3 loves in my life 😉 Chester, Beckham, and my little girl Jersey~” Soooooooooo cute! 😀

On January 17th, Brian tweeted “Haha… Just wanted to show y’all how tiny Beckham is… He’s too cute”

Brian’s tweet on January 15th: “My dog Chester, with his new little bro. pup Beckham^^

Brian & Jersey taking a nap together… awwwww how sweet 🙂

2NE1’s Park Bom & Her Dog Choco

Last May, Park Bom updated her me2day, “Let me introduce my sister choco~~~*^^* choco just had a bath lol, she loves taking photos, lol look at her cute facial expression!”

2AM’s Im Seul Ong & His Poodles Saebeuki & Dweungwi ♥


On March 18th, Im Seul Ong posted on twitter a photo taken with his two adorable poodles. Along with the photo, he wrote “Saebeuk became larger than Dwengwi…giant Saebeuki…” While the brown toy poodle Saebeuki is supposed to be less than 26cm, it looks quite a lot bigger than that! Netizens have commented, “maybe just a poodle, instead of a toy poodle?,” “I think I saw it when it was the size of my palm and now it’s huge,” “maybe Seul Ong was also scammed into buying a dog which wasn’t a toy poodle in the first place?”.

Saebeuki sound a sleep on 2PM’s Junsu’s lap! ♥

JYJ’s Junsu & His Dog Shaki ♥

As you may know, we introduced Junsu’s five cats—Tigger, Leo, Lee On, Bakira, Pard—in Part 1. Check out this awesome wonderland that Junsu created for his lovely cats! What a cool dad! 😉

Well Junsu isn’t just a cat lover as he also raises a Samoyed breed dog named Shaki. Here are a couple of adorable photos of Shaki!!!

Cute moments of Shaki & Junsu

And these are photos of Shaki’s babies–and Junsu’s grandchildren?! How adorable…♥

Shaki’s family photo! 😀

MBLAQ’s Mir & His Puppy Soju  

So as you may know, soju is a Korean vodka-like alcohol. You may wonder how did Mir’s puppy end up with that name! Well…. On March 9th, Miru tweeted “Now we have a new member in our family!!! The puppy’s name is soju~ lol and about the size of my fist. I asked my dad what I should name it and he said “Daddy is drinking soju right now… just call it soju” so I decided its name as soju lol.

BoA & Her Persian Kitty Sara

Her kitty Sara was born in 2000 and started her entertainment career along with BoA. She also was the main character for the song titled “Sara” and even made an appearance in the MV. When BoA was promoting her song “Sara” in her debut album, Sara received lot of camera flashes. BoA was greatly in love with her. We don’t know the details, but it seems like BoA isn’t raising her anymore.

Lee Hyo Ri & Her Dog Soonsimi

While we have introduced in Part 1 that Lee Hyo Ri is a mother of her cats Mi Mi & Sooni, she is now a mother of an abandoned dog named Soonsimi, which she recently adopted! Awwww how nice of her to adopt an abandoned dog! 😀

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