Sandara Park Reveals Her Cell Phone Number!

2NE1’s member Sandara Park, who recently decided to step up as the PR manager of 2NE1, revealed her cell phone number! She exposed her cell phone number by posting a photo of her new business card on me2day on May 10th. She wrote “Late at night I turn sentimental… Dalong is too lonely… will I cause trouble tonight?! Oh well~! I’m revealing my phone number!!! I’m so lonely! But if too many guys start  hitting on me, I think I’ll get in trouble with the YG CEO! Oh no~!”

She added ““Dalong is shy so I don’t usually pick up the calls. Also, please refrain from calling too late! If I’m in the middle of working, my manager or teacher or another member might pick up the call.”

Sandara Park organized this surprise event in order to promote 2NE1’s upcoming new song ‘Lonely’ that will be released on the 12th. When dialing the number shown on the business card, the song ‘Lonely’ is played as the ring tone. It’s been known that so far over hundreds of thousands of calls have been made to this number.

In addition to the first business card, she also revealed a new business card on the 11th on her me2day. She  posted “A busy day is over! I’m about to go sleep~ everyone, let’s take a break from all the calling and go to bed! ^^ I’m thinking about going somewhere crowded tomorrow and handing out the business cards in person! I made a lot lol and I have so much left after handing them out to other members!”

She also added, “Maybe nearby Yonsei University where they’re holding a festival?! Around four? Let’s go go go! Good night!” She also gave a heads up about ways to receive the newly revealed business card: “My business card will also be handed out in hundred different Etude House stores nationwide tomorrow.”

Netizens have shown various reactions, including “I wasn’t able to call her but I really want to get a hold of her business card,” “her business card is so pretty,” “her business card is so cute just like her,” “Sandara Park is indeed a true PR manager.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has been releasing a new song every three weeks starting with the release of Park Bom’s solo song “Don’t Cry” on April 21th.

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