Actor Kim Seung Woo confessed that he has been receiving psychotherapy for the past two years. At the MBC’s “Miss Ripley” Press Conference that was held on the 17th at the Seoul Banyan Tree Hotel, he revealed “Every time a finish shooting a new project, I get mentally injured. And it’s been two years since I’ve received counseling for it.

The actor stated, “Actors suffer from injuries of their souls because they have a difficult time recovering from their role within the project. Even in this drama, I will be acting that I love Lee Da Hae for over two months. Since it’s going to be painful love, I think I’ll be going through the same experience (psychotherapy) again this time.”  He added, “In the past, I minded about others knowing that I receive psychotherapy. However, these days, a large number of actors receive treatment from counselors.”

The drama “Miss Ripley” will air its first episode on the 30th.