Female Stars: So Flexible You Would Think They Were Gymnasts

In the show biz, there are numerous celebrities who are amazingly flexible, especially since flexibility is a must for dance music artists.  Artists go through intense training and endure excruciating pain in order to increase their flexibility. Also, some are quite pliant to begin with from learning ballet or modern dance when they were very young.

But even among female actresses, many have impressive flexibility from doing yoga and weight training. Here is a collection of eye opening photos of amazing female stars, each flaunting their flawless flexibility!

f(x)’s Victoria – A human folder?!

Let’s start off with f(x)’s Victoria. As you may all know, she’s super flexible! She used to major in dance at a professional dancing school in China when she was young, so splits are a piece of cake for her! Check out her mind-blowing flexibility….

A scene from the Smoothie King commercial!

Miss A’s Jia

Just like Victoria, miss A’s Jia is well-known for her flexibility.

SNSD’s Sunny & Yuri

SNSD’s Sunny & Yuri also flaunted their perfect flexibility! Wow �de09


As you can tell from their dance routine, Sistar members are all super pliable!

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji

Wow… check out 2NE1’s Gong Min Ji’s impressive side splits! �de09

Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon

On May 11th, Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon tweeted an amazing photo of herself performing a perfect side split while stretching. I guess side splits are a piece of cake for her, as you can tell from her carefree look!

And her perfect vertical splits!

Lee Da Hae

Amazing side split!

Um Jung Hwa

On May 5th, actress Um Jung Hwa showed off her flexibility by tweeting a photo of her doing a front split. She wrote “Please give me a round of applause.” Netizens commented “Wow, I guess you really work out,” “You’re really more flexible than younger people,” “I envy your flexibility.”

Jo Yeo Jeong

On May 10th, actress Jo Yeo Jeong also tweeted a photo of herself performing a perfect side split.